Business professionals from around the globe have gathered for the 10X Growth Conference 2024. Every year, Grant Cardone, invites celebrity entrepreneurs, trailblazers, and thought leaders to share insights with attendees that can change lives. This article covers the iconic event as it happens! Keep reading for the best-of-the-best moments…

Day 3: Thursday, April 4, 2024

9:15 a.m. Morning session of Day Three begins with Grant Cardone.

“It’s not about money. Money fuels the process.” — GC

9:26 a.m. Performance Coach, Tim Grover, begins his keynote.

Grover asked the 10X Growth Conference attendees to close their eyes. Then proceeded to explain how every win begins and ends in the dark and winning is because we fought through those moments.

“I’m not here to tell you my story. I’m here to change your story. “

The motivational speaker explained how feelings such as shame, guilt, and fear, are keeping you inside “the box” — and from your full potential.

Further, to change the trajectory of your life, you have to take steps forward even when there is every reason not to.

“Interest is a hobby… You need to be obsessed… Interested people watch obsessed people change the world.” — Tim Grover

He went on to elaborate on how motivation doesn’t work long-term because it requires someone else. Elevating yourself comes from creating your own energy through commitment to success.

On the other hand, Grover says that you shouldn’t give stock to naysayers as well.

 “You will never find a hater who’s doing more than you, they’re always doing less.” — Tim Grover 

The celebrity trainer encouraged the audience to embrace pressure because “balance leads to average.”

10:19 a.m. Brandon Dawson introduces 10X Health going worldwide.

10:46 a.m. Elena Cardone announces that $746,000 was raised for the Grant Cardone Foundation during the event so far!

10:50 a.m Educator, Marissa Streit’s intimate sit-down with Elena Cardone

Because Elena introduced her as a “troublemaker,” Streit stated her belief that resistance begets innovation. This reasoning caused her to establish PragerU to fill gaps in the cookie-cutter education system.

The entrepreneurial educator believes there are three elements to succeed in any venture:

  1. Be emotionally strong.
  2. Be physically strong.
  3. And, be spiritually strong.

“Any meaningful thing you do in life will feel overwhelming at the beginning of the first step.” — Marissa Streit

Elena and Marissa discussed in-depth the value of having an active hand in your children’s education.

12:20 p.m. to 1:53 p.m. lunch break.

2 p.m. Jon and Pete Najarian round-table discussion with Grant Cardone

The investment experts answer Grant’s question on the three best investments one can make.

Your business. Your health. And, following “smart money,” which is what successful people are investing in.

The two brothers have built algorithms that can identify where this “smart money” is. That is quite impressive considering 45 million options are traded a day, and there are 20 to 30 options worth following.

Jon Najarian said that discipline is critical in investing. You sim to make 10X your investment, but you never go in when you can lose more than 1%.

2:37 p.m. CTTI President, Jarrod Glandt, addresses the crowd on making decisions and taking action.

3:02 p.m. Grant returns to bring on the last, but not least guest speaker… Arnold Schwarzeneggar!

The former California governor and movie star spoke to GC about why he admires people who want to be successful and work hard.

“There is no shortcut there is no magic pill. It’s all about one thing. Have a goal and have a clear vision of a goal and work your ass off.”

Mr. Schwarzeneggar disclosed that he didn’t originally see himself where he is today. It was only when he saw his home state of California was in trouble that he took the initiative to be the change he wanted to see.

“America gave me everything that I have. Now, I have to give something back.” — Arnold Schwarzenegger

Additionally, he did not take a salary during his time as governor.

Nonetheless, before his financial success in Hollywood, his goal growing up in post-World War II Austria was to become a rich leading man in film.

“Every rep I did, every weight I did, every set was to turn my vision into a reality. That’s why I had so much fun. I was always running around happy. I couldn’t wait to do the next thing because every rep got me closer to becoming Mr. Universe. That was it.”

But, he needed not to listen to naysayers along the way because first, the Austrians said he would not dominate an American sport…

Then, acting agents said he couldn’t be in movies due to his accent and build…

Yet, he has become one of the most recognized actors in the world.

However, the Terminator star says his wealth was not from film or bodybuilding… It was because he began investing in real estate early in his career.

“I wanted to start making enough money [from investing] so I didn’t have to play stupid parts.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger has the attitude about haters that he understands that not everyone is going to like what you do. At no other time was this more apparent than when he went into politics. His approval rating went from 80 to 50% in the beginning of his campaign.

“We need to be much more forgiving and more inclusive and kinder besides just being more successful.”

Also, he encouraged people to not shy away from big dreams because they are afraid they will fail…

Because the fact of the matter is that everyone fails until they make it.

Of course, Grant Cardone had to ask his signature question to the legendary action star…

so, what does 10X mean to Arnold Schwarzenegger?

“Success. Growth. Explosion. Beyond.”

4 p.m. to 4:50 p.m. GC closes out the last session of the 10X Growth Conference 2024

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Day 2: Wednesday, April 3, 2024

9:10 a.m. Mike Tyson on stage with Grant Cardone.

Without wasting any time Grant jumped into Day Two of the 10X Growth Conference with Mike Tyson.

In this first interview of the day, GC and the professional boxer discussed:

  1. Learning how to lose a fight.
  2. Being unemotional towards your rival.
  3. The business of competitive boxing.

“A friend to everybody is an enemy to themselves.” — Mike Tyson

Tyson also shared that he looks at himself like the product. He has to market himself and act as if he is a business. Further, he has another piece of advice for the crowd…

“I want to be up more than anyone wants me to be down.”

But, the boxer flipped the script and asked what 10X meant to Grant Cardone.

“It is a ripple effect. It keeps going.” — GC

Yet, Grant had to get the final one-up and ask a question he claimed was for Sabrina… What does an ear taste like?

According to Tyson, it depends on the ear.

10:11 a.m Mike Tyson parts stage and Elena Cardone arrives.

Elena wanted to start by saying that he appreciated what Mike Tyson said of women like her and his wife that they were made for standing by strong men. She also spoke on the importance of holding powerful men accountable — like Grant — because she believes that they can be better and reach more people.

However, the topic of her keynote today surrounded this question…

“What is the purpose of all of these endeavors, if not for family?”

Mrs. Cardone elaborated on how she wasn’t always the same woman she is today. Her journey was one of transformation and she had to redefine success for herself.

Because Elena valued her independence, she told Grant she didn’t want to get married when they first met. Yet, they got married and she had to learn to share a life with someone.

In a vulnerable outpouring, Elena spoke candidly about her fears and considerations about becoming a mother before she had her daughters.

Now, delivering Scarlett and Sabrina are the two proudest days of her life.

Despite all that, she also struggled with identity as her children grew up and didn’t rely on her as much. But through her values and purpose, Elena no longer needs titles to feel worthy.

“Play the game of success, but enjoy your loved ones.” — Elena Cardone

10:39 a.m. Jarrod Glandt brings real clients on stage to share the impact of 10X on their lives.

10:54 a.m. GC returns and brings Don Peebles on for the second guest interview of the day.

Immediately, the two real estate moguls got into what was Don Peebles’s first deal. He got his start in D.C. where he appraised deals before moving into development.

Peebles attributes his early success to his connections and relationships in the city — as well as the right timing in the market.

This occurred in the early 1990s during many bank closures. The lesson the D.C entrepreneur learned from this was “every setback is an opportunity.”

The real estate game has changed dramatically since Don Peebles first got involved. Grant and he discussed the difference between past and current ideologies.

“Developers are creators. Top of the food chain now is finance. Banks no longer make loans in the same way. Private equity is the dominant player in private acquisition.” — Don Peebles

For that reason, Peebles discussed how new projects he was working on were more inclusive — including women and people of color. This has not been the norm in real estate.

Per both him and Grant, the institutions were not built to work with average people. This brought the conversation of whether requiring accredited investors is fair…

In short, the system is not fair — so those distinctions are not.

Peebles shares GC’s sentiment that you should not own your home. The pair further discussed their preferences in asset classes and real estate locations.

Don likes Charlotte, North Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia. However, Mr. Cardone has concerns about Atlanta personally.

11:42 a.m. GC thanks Mr. Peebles and showcases real estate deals of Cardone Capital.

11:54 a.m. break for lunch to 1:54 p.m.

1:57 p.m. Brandon Dawson commences the afternoon session and introduces football player, Ray Lewis

Brandon and Ray talk about what it was like to play against Payton Manning..

“With Payton, you spend all night preparing to play him.”

Despite being rivals Lewis and Manning are now friends.

Dawson then had Ray Lewis share how he started playing football. The coach had to ask his mother for permission for him to play because he didn’t have $15 to register.

From there they discussed the partnership between the Super Bowl Champion and the Grant Cardone Foundation work with at-risk youth.

“I call them underestimated communities. Everyone should have a fair chance in life. It takes a village. it’s going to take a lot of us to change this machine. We can all make it but we need it to be ingrained in our communities.” — Ray Lewis

At this point, Lewis had to get out of his seat to speak directly to the audience about how life is about making better choices each and every day.

2:22 p.m. GC transitions to the next superstar speaker, Mike Chandler

The MMA fighter talks to Grant Cardone about how he is excited to face Connor McGregor in several weeks.

Although he got a degree in finance in real estate, Chandler simultaneously discovered a talent for hand-to-hand combat which brought him to where he is today. Nevertheless, he doesn’t have to make sacrifices in other areas of his life to accomplish the physical aspects of the sport.

“I give myself the permission to be extremely selfish. [During his training period]” — Mike Chandler

On the financial side of the sport, Mike Chandler expressed the importance of knowing your worth and good negotiation skills. He also addressed the multiple physical and mental demands fighting puts on athletes.

But, looking beyond his mixed martial arts career, the fighter said this:

“I want to use the platform I was given to impact people. I want to bless as many people as I can. There is nothing wrong with becoming ridiculously successful and full through a platform.”

Further, Grant and Mike defined how changes in mindset were major contributors to their success.

“Your message is your calling. Even if it reaches one person if you’re obedient in your mind that says keep pursuing it will eventually pay off,” Chandler says.

3:04 p.m. Grant ushers in daughter, Sabrina Cardone, to speak.

Sabrina addresses how she dealt with a large amount of hate she received on social media. At first, she didn’t know what to do so she asked Grant what to do.

He told her to say:

At least I have a plan.

Some of her plans include writing a best-selling book, running Cardone Capital, and getting married and having children.

3:11 p.m. Sabrina leaves the stage and Grant jokes about how he deals with receiving hate.

American Financier, Anthony Scaramucci, joins GC for one-on-one

Scaramucci talks about being fired from the Trump Administration after 11 days, and how he bounced back from the setback. Even his son was concerned but he told him…

“This is terrible but watch what we do with this. Watch how we come out of this.” — Anthony Scaramucci

Despite the financier’s humble upbringing, he’d never say he grew up poor because it would disrespect his father’s work ethic. His father cashed in his life insurance policy for him to go to school, which he felt the weight of at the time.

From there, Anthony Scaramucci got into Harvard which he considers his big break. However, he doesn’t believe you need higher education to succeed.

“You need to get your mindset right. Get up in the morning, build habits of success.”

Then, the former Goldman Sachs employee talked about his strategy for risk management.

“You gotta deal with the world the way it is, not the way you want it to be.”

Anthony Scaramucci also explained how assets hold value better because of inflation and other economic factors.

3:58 p.m. Jarrod Glandt presents 10X Business Coach Awards

4:06 p.m Final Speaker of Day Two, Bob Duggan

From mowing lawns in his youth to multiple companies worth a quarter trillion dollars, Duggan shares life lessons with Grant Cardone.

  • Being you is what you want to do, what you want to be.
  • You have the ability to go from nothing to something.
  • Know words and understand them. They enlighten your life.
  • You can’t make money invalidating yourself.
  • Don’t fixate on your losses.

To Bob Duggan 10X means a higher order of magnitude.

“It’s an achievable goal. It’s a fun goal.” — Bon Duggan on 10X

5:01 p.m. Jarrod and GC conclude Day Two.

Day 1: Tuesday, April 2, 2024

9:10 a.m. Grant Cardone welcomed 10X family to the event

To kick off the event, GC himself speaks directly to the crowd to set the tone of the day. Additionally, he thanked the entire team for the wherewithal it took to put the event on.

  • 13 months of planning
  • Thousands of hours
  • $10 million

Then, Mr. Cardone goes into how he gets huge things like this done consistently.

 “I surprise myself sometimes This is a system that I use to get a lot done. The super hack is to have victories quickly. I am not a good manager of individuals, I never needed a manager.

“It’s not a law of attraction. It’s a law of action” — Grant Cardone

He says it all begins with an idea. Then, you “manage” that idea into a reality… Grant calls it a “super manager.”

A super manager gets what people and logistics they need to be organized and takes action — they are in charge and take responsibility.

9:53 a.m. President of CTTI, Jarrod Glandt, speaks on the original intent of the 10X Growth Conference and what it has become.

“Do not underestimate the power of connections.” — Jarrod Glandt

10:05 a.m. Grant Cardone’s fireside American Journalist, Tucker Carlson

Grant asks Carlson about an overall theme that encompasses the huge entity that the journalist is.

“I’ve been cheerfully disobedient my whole life.” — Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson then spoke on the importance of understanding criticism while knowing who you are at the same time. At this point, GC asked who and how to take that feedback.

Carlson said, “I pay incredibly close attention to people who love me, I do not give emotional control to strangers.”

Following this, the two influential men discussed the importance of purpose and pursuit of goals in life — not the target. Grant Cardone then, in turn, queried if danger in the environment is good for success.

The former CNN anchor responded:

“I have to do something meaningful every single day because they are limited… Threats are essential… The worst thing that could happen to me is I waste my life.”

After, Carlson shared with GC his unconventional education and career path in television — where he worked for 27 years.

Now, Tucker Carlson is starting his own news network. With that in mind, Grant wondered if the journalist marketed himself or thought of himself as a businessperson.

“I don’t ever market myself, self-marketing, if you think about how other people see you you’ll go crazy. I know when I’ve done a good job… But, I needed to become one [a business] because I needed to go into business because I am mad about the media. It’s part of the problem.”

Then, Grant Cardone was curious about when TC famously interviewed Vladimir Putin. The famous broadcaster said he was not intimidated but was surprised by what he discovered about the country and the leader. Overall, the experience inspired him to want to make America better.

“I don’t hear politics in this. It sounds personal,” GC replied before asking what Carlson’s advice was to make a difference.

“TALK, talk, that’s all that matters, words… If you want to make a difference, all you need to do is tell the truth.”

The final discussion was about democracy and censorship before they concluded their session.

11:02 a.m. Scarlett Cardone steps on 10X Stage

Grant Cardone’s daughter, Scarlett delivers an inspirational speech on having permission to be themselves 100% of the time.

“What I’ve observed is that when you’re too loud, you’re too quiet. When you make sure you’re doing everything right, you’re boring… So why not let them criticize YOU?”

Then, Scarlett shared the personal and relatable experience of shrinking herself to try and fit in with her peers. This made her upset at first, but then she took responsibility for her feelings.

As a result, she felt free to be herself.

11:13 Grant Cardone introduces Leadership Expert John Maxwell

John Maxwell begins the keynote with a discussion about wisdom, and how he wished to share some with the audience. Namely, how to maximize mentoring in your life.

These are the tips Maxwell gave at the 10X Growth Conference.

  1. Understand the importance of mentoring.
  2. Have a plan for personal growth.
  3. Be intentional.
  4. Create a growth environment. (Where others are ahead of you.)
  5. Value the process.
  6. Determine the areas you need to be mentored in.
  7. Be hungry for improvement.
  8. Pick the right person to learn from.
  9. Separate yourself from the “people pile.”
  10. Have upfront expectations in a mentoring relationship.

I stopped worrying about time [how much it would take] and I changed the question, I asked how far can I go?

The author of over 90 books encouraged the audience to invest in themselves as well as to put in the work to reach their full potential.

12:07 p.m. Jarrod Glandt introduces real 10X success stories.

12:15 p.m. to 2 p.m. Lunch Break

Grant Cardone recommences the Day One session and introduces long-term partner, Brandon Dawson

Mr. Dawson deep dives into the key component of changing your life for the better…

Building massive teams to extend your reach.

Subsequently, Brandon Dawson talked about the power of intentions, strong collaboration, and adding value to partnerships.

Additionally, he impressed the responsibility of business owners to succeed because there is a trickle-down effect on communities. With that in mind, Dawson wanted to develop a better process for entrepreneurs to make it — without trial and error.

“If you knew what the rules were and the statistics and you operated inside the rules, could you do something huge, could you change lives?” — Brandon Dawson

Immediately, he shared that supporting others to this end was the mission of Cardone Ventures.

In its five years of operation, Cardone Ventures has impacted 2,500+ entrepreneurs.

In a heartwarming moment, Dawson brought John Maxwell back on stage where he gave Brandon the notecards from their talk together 14 years ago.

3:03 p.m. Pete Vargas speaks on the Power of Communication

Vargas, a consultant to some of the biggest names in public speaking, compliments Grant Cardone on how he gets attention. He goes on to break down the four-part formula of how GC does it…

  1. Having one-on-MANY conversations via stages.
  2. Speaks on others’ platforms as well as his own.
  3. Grant fast-tracks the sales cycle with great speeches.
  4. Being a powerful and bold communicator.


In this nationwide competition, 30,000 contestants have been whittled down to 5.

The following finalists will be judged by John Maxwell, Jesse Itzler, Elena Cardone, and Grant Cardone. Each contestant gets two minutes to impress the judges and become the next Great American Speaker…

Claudienne Hibbert-Smith

This dynamic woman talked about how she overcame teenage motherhood and criminal record to become someone she is proud of and so can you.

The speech was well-received by the judges. Jesse Itzler says he was rooting for her from the beginning.

Shawn Napstadt

Shawn wanted to impress upon why having coaches build strength. But, he was beaten by the clock.

Mrs. Cardone felt that there was something lost in translation with his presentation. However, Grant felt he had professional speaking skills.

Danielle Farley

Farley opened with a question… Why was she repeating cycles and starting over? Then, how she changed it all once she dedicated herself to her financial education.

Grant Cardone felt that Danielle came out strong, but her speech delivery tapered out at the end. John Maxwell commented that she was hyping the audience before connecting with them.

Oreck Quick was born with a “chip on his shoulder”

Despite losing his mother early on, his message is to never let your past have a meeting with your future. His delivery was passionate and got wild applause from the audience.

Maxwell and Itzler disagreed with GC’s criticism of the delivery and praised the emotion in it.

Ryan Kingsman

Kingsman told his story about finding how to bring about change. For him, that journey started with a strong relationship as a foundation.

The judges felt that his pace was very fast, but that he finished well. They loved that it was personable.

4:11 p.m. Judges narrows finalists from five to two!

Then, the entire audience voted between Oreck and Claudienne. But sorry, no spoilers here…

You have to watch the official broadcast of the Great American Speak Off to know the ultimate winner.

4:17 p.m. Elena Cardone and Grant Cardone Foundation Board Members present the Impact Partner of the Year Award to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County.

4:32 p.m. Grant Cardone brings out Hollywood A-lister Tyler Perry

Like Grant, Perry grew up in Louisiana and discussed the ups and downs that made him who is today.

 “As I look back on it now, this pain was a buy-in for something else. There is an opposite to the pain youre going through, it was a buy-in to a life that I have now.” — Tyler Perry

The actor and producer said he believed he “worked 10X as hard, I expect a 10X result.” He began seeing examples of that as teenager watching his father who taught him work ethic.

GC wanted to know how Tyler got his start in Hollywood.

It took Tyler Perry seven years for the same play he wrote for him to reach any level of success. In those years, he experienced homelessness.

But finally in 1998, the play got a following and that production ran until 2015.

Perry learned the importance of branding and a following from this experience and broke into the industry. The movie based on his intellectual property went on make $50 million.

The Madea creator owns 100% of his television and film rights — worth nearly $1 billion.

Then, GC asked Mr. Perry about his management style. He responded that he was not a micromanager as long as those under him prove themselves capable.

Grant then transitioned into did Tyler Perry think that things would have been different if he didn’t have to work so hard for it?

“I wouldn’t have the appreciation or wisdom. These seven years brought me so much wisdom I’m grateful for every day of those seven years… focus on your journey on your lane my only competition is myself.”

The producer also encourages people to present themselves authentically without pretenses. He believes that will get you further than “faking it until you make it.”

Tyler Perry was able to open up to Grant Cardone about how he had to believe he was worthy of having money before he could manage his finances effectively.

5:09 p.m. Grant thanks Tyler Perry for coming and concludes Day One session.

Get your eat for next year before they are gone here.

Be Great,

GCTV Staff

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