From February 14-16, 2023, the 10X Growth Conference took place LIVE in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada…

Over the three jam-packed event days, the GCTV team documented all the major moments, including:

  • World-class lineup of speakers — right as they took the stage
  • Golden nuggets from each keynote, interview, and fireside conversation
  • All the surprises the 10X Team prepared for both in-person and online attendees

Keep reading to discover all the must-know insights as they unfolded…


2:38 PM (PST): Grant Cardone sat down to interview Tom Brady at 10X Growth Conference 2023.

1:50 PM – 2:02 PM(PST): Sabrina delivered an insightful keynote about the importance of embracing change.

  • “Do you want to be the rock or do you want to be the stream?”
  • “Every good story needs at least a few good adventures.”
  • “Sometimes you fight change that needs to happen. Sometimes you need to fight for the change that needs to happen.”
  • “Although I’m doing well, I could always do better.”
  • “If you don’t make an active decision to change, life will change for you.”

“Change is natural. Why do we fight it?”

1:49 PM (PST): Sabrina Cardone took the stage at 10X Growth Con!

1:36 PM (PST): Grant Cardone welcomed attendees back from lunch to continue Day 3 of 10X Growth Conference 2023 LIVE in Las Vegas.

As another exclusive surprise, Grant also revealed the trailers for all the 10X Studios shows in production.

11:06 PM – 12:00 PM (PST): In their conversation with Elena and Grant, Sara and Jesse pulled back the curtain on what it takes to become a rockstar power couple.

  • “We check in with each other on an emotional level all the time.”
  • “It’s important to find out the love language of your partner.”
  • “We’re really aggressive with our planning. Our dates, our trips, our time together.”
  • “[Getting on the] same page is important on values. The things that matter the most… you have to be aligned.”
  • “When [Sara’s] star shines, I’m her biggest cheerleader.”
  • “We’re very different, but that’s where #justlovehim comes in.”
  • “Don’t underestimate the importance of laughter in your relationship.”
  • “In a business, you have a mission statement. Everyone is aligned on the shared values of that company. In a family, that doesn’t really happen a lot. [So Jesse and I decided] Let’s make a mission statement for our family.”
  • “Any time the kids say anything negative about themselves, they have to say three positive things.”

“When things are really tough, on a scale of 1-10, if it’s a 7 or below, let it go.”

11:05 PM (PST): Jesse Itzler and Sara Blakely joined Grant and Elena Cardone on stage.

10:17 AM – 10:59 AM (PST): Joe guided the audience on a journey to becoming Spartans in their personal and professional lives.

  • “In today’s society, grit is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity.”
  • “What would I do if I knew I was going to fail anyway?”
  • [Ask yourself every time you want to do something] “Is it making the boat go faster?”
  • “You have to remain enthusiastic because if you don’t, you’re going to quit.”
  • “I have a policy. If I don’t want to do it, I have to do it.”
  • The 10 Principles of the Spartan Way:
    1. Find Your True North.
    2. Commit to Your Goal.
    3. Maximize Your Time.
    4. Delay Gratification.
    5. Fuel Your Enthusiasm.
    6. Change Your Frame of Reference.
    7. Embrace Adversity.
    8. Unlock Your Grit.
    9. Test Your Integrity.
    10. Build a Community.

“Fire first, get ready, then aim. Build the plane while you’re taking off.”

10:16 PM (PST): Jarrod introduced Joe De Sena as the first superstar speaker of the day.

10:12 AM (PST): Jarrod Glandt welcomed the audience back for Day 3 of the 10X Growth Conference 2023 LIVE in Las Vegas!


5:28 PM – 6:15 PM (PST): Stephen wowed the 10X audience with countless quotable moments on overcoming adversity and taking ownership of success, such as:

  • “Make sure when people look at you they know you’re the real deal.”
  • “If you’re stagnant, you’re dying. You have to be in constant pursuit of greater achievements.”
  • “If you’re successful, chances are there are a bunch of people out there who want to be where you’re at.”
  • “Your mentality has to be, ‘Bring it. […] When the lights come on, I’m going to be ready.'”
  • “When you find what your gift is, that’s when you find out what you’re truly made of.”
  • “I believe that when I’m in front of the camera, I own it. It’s mine.”
  • “What I’m focused on is what I’m worth, and that’s what gives me peace of mind.”
  • [Stephen quoting his mother] “No boss wants to talk to somebody or listen to somebody that has only complaints. If you’re not a problem-solver, no one wants to hear you.”

“When you know the road to prosperity wasn’t easy, it was earned, confidence breeds from that.”

5:27 PM (PST): Grant Cardone returned to the stage for a show-stopping interview with Stephen A. Smith.

4:33 PM – 5:19 PM (PST): In his interview with Brandon, Kevin detailed his incredible journey towards championing the C-suite ranks at Walmart and Microsoft.

  • “If you can’t differentiate and create value for customers continually, you can’t make money.”
  • “There’s a real shortage in the world right now of great storytellers.”
  • “I’m the person who always says, ‘Let’s start with the pitch. Let’s start with the marketing.'”
  • “When your business isn’t running well, ask yourself: 1) Am I moving fast enough? 2) Am I being bold enough? 3) Do I have the right team?”
  • “Being able to look outside-in is super critical. If you start with the customer and work back, you can truly devise a strategy.”
  • “In today’s age, it’s more important to ask their opinion than to tell them they did a good job.”
  • “It’s not always about that entry-level job. It’s about what you could be.”
  • Repetition is the mother of learning. Don’t leave anything for interpretation. Don’t assume everyone got the message.”
  • “I love being around winners. I believe winners attract winners, and that’s why I’m here.”
  • Growth is oxygen.”
  • “If you find something you’re passionate about and good at it, that’s the secret sauce for scaling anything.”
  • “Good people will find a way or make a way to get it done.”

“I love being around winners. I believe winners attract winners, and that’s why I’m here.”

4:32 PM (PST): Brandon Dawson welcomed Kevin Turner on the 10X Growth Conference 2023 live stage.

3:38 PM – 4:22 PM (PST): Gary delivered perspective-shifting wisdom on living a healthy 10X life.

  • “The presence of oxygen is the absence of disease.”
  • “The superhuman protocol takes everything good from mother nature and brings it [inside your body].”
  • “The biggest fallacy sold to the public is that you can get alkaline by drinking alkaline water.”
  • “We all […] process nutrients differently.”
  • “We can’t manage time, but we can manage our focus.”

“[My mission is] helping people live happier, healthier, more productive lives.”

3:37 PM (PST): Brandon Dawson welcomed Gary Brecka live on stage at 10X Growth Conference 2023.

2:38 PM (PST): Megyn shared insights from her 20+ years in the field of journalism, including:

  • “They are trying to divide us at a time when we need to be united.”
  • “We need to focus on patriotism.”
  • “Now I’m in a different position. Now I thrive on [critics]. I love knowing how easy it is to upset them.”
  • “Be authentic to who you are.”
  • “You have to find the right people to align with [in business].”
  • “Run away from the safe spaces. Run towards the danger.”
  • “Welcome to America. We’re allowed to offend here.

“You need to stand up for what is true.”

2:37 PM (PST): Grant welcomed attendees back from lunch break and introduced Megyn Kelly to the live 10X Growth Conference 2023 stage.

12:16 PM – 1:04 PM (PST): Pete Vargas remained on stage for a compelling keynote for the 10X Growth Con audience.

Pete shared the story behind the Great American Speak Off and why communication is crucial in business:

  • “You have to get in proximity with partners who believe in your dreams.”
  • “Being a great communicator is the #1 way to grow your business. You just need your words.”
  • “[I make sure] my kids are confident communicators.”
  • “There’s three things every human wants: 1) Better health; 2) Better wealth; 3) Better relationships.”
  • “A road without traffic is useless.”

“You have to help people see how they’re winning.”

12:10 PM (PST): Congratulations to Glenn Lundy for winning the Great American Speak Off!

11:18 AM – 12:00 PM (PST): Grant Cardone, Elena Cardone, Stormy Wellington, and Pete Vargas surprised the audience as the all-star panel of judges for the Great American Speak Off!

The final of the Great American Speak Off TV show took place LIVE at 10X Growth Conference 2023.

Out of 27,000 applicants, only four speakers made it to the finals in Las Vegas…

  1. Joe Beckman
  2. Shametria Gonzales
  3. Randy Hedge
  4. Glenn Lundy

And each of the four contestants had only three minutes to prove they had what it takes for the grand title of America’s Greatest Speaker.

Ultimately, the 10X Growth Con audience HAD the final say in choosing the Greatest Speaker in America.

10:15 AM – 11:07 AM (PST): To begin with, Robert opened up about his family’s humble beginnings escaping communist ex-Yugoslavia. Grant’s interview with one of America’s favorite Sharks featured insights on business, investing, and success like:

  • “What people don’t see is the little dots that connect over 10 years to create greatness.”
  • “People always overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can achieve in 10. You can change your life forever in 10 years.”
  • “Being an intrapreneur is capped by your ability to add value.”
  • [On working in the collections space] “Instead of yelling at people, I tried to find a way to help them. I made them believe I was there to help them — not hurt them. And so what that did is just open.”
  • “Here’s the beauty of capital… It grows. It builds on itself. So anything that you can do to get a regular income stream that you can build into capital is gold.”
  • “Success is doing it on the days when you feel like […] you can’t do it. You’ve got to get up, man. You’ve got to go on those days.”
  • “I don’t think great money or great wealth changes who you are. It simply amplifies who you are.”
  • “It doesn’t matter how tired you are — you rise to that occasion.”
  • “You can do anything, but you can’t be great at everything.”
  • “The reason I’m not more successful is I didn’t dream big.”
  • “Greatness comes with great purpose.”

“You cannot win if you don’t show up.

10:14 AM (PST): Grant invited Robert Herjavec on stage for a fireside conversation as the first guest of 10X Growth Con 2023 Day 2.

10:12 AM (PST): Grant Cardone welcomed in-person and virtual attendees back for Day 2 of the 10X Growth Conference 2023 LIVE in Las Vegas!


5:01 PM – 5:50 PM (PST): Dana unveiled a multitude of life tips and business strategies, such as…

  • “Everything is about loyalty [in business.]”
  • “When you let your ego get ahead of you, it’s bad for everybody.”
  • “[In business] I buy something that I would actually work on every day.”

“I sell HOLY S**T moments for a living. That’s what I do.”

4:57 PM (PST): Grant welcomed Dana White to the stage to wrap up Day 1 of 10X Growth Conference 2023 with an awe-inspiring fireside conversation.

4:52 PM (PST): Brandon introduced the Total Business Transformation offer to the 10X Growth Conference 2023 live audience.

3:24 PM – 4:50 PM (PST): Brandon provided valuable insights into leadership and scaling. Examples include:

  • “The more people you throw at a problem, the faster it gets resolved.”
  • “Nothing was ever built without great people. You have to go out, find them, and attract them.”
  • “If you keep showing up, [Grant] will be obligated to keep showing up because success is his duty, obligation, and responsibility.”
  • “The most powerful thing you can do as a human being is to create life for other human beings.”
  • “If I’m outperforming you as the owner, what choice do I have other than to leave? You see, this whole game is a people game.”
  • “Those who can’t do, can’t teach.”
  • “Sometimes you have to get uncomfortable to cut your way.”

“The people that commit to going all in are the ones blowing it up [in the 10X Community].”

3:23 PM (PST): Grant Cardone invited Brandon Dawson to the live stage at 10X Growth Conference 2023.

2:33 PM – 3:21 PM (PST): As Stedman uncovered perspective-changing insights about identity leadership, he dropped nuggets of wisdom like:

  • “You cannot change your circumstances until you first change yourself.”
  • “You have to know who you are.”
  • “It’s not how the world defines you, the only thing that matters is how you define yourself.”
  • “If you turn your power over to someone else to define you, they’ll always define you as less than them.”
  • “If you’re looking for freedom in the greatest country in the world, America, you’ll never find it on the outside. Freedom is always on the inside.”
  • “In the end, it’s all about the power versus the powerless. Either you’re a follower or you’re a leader.”
  • “Growth is when you know where you’re going. You’re thinking all the time. You’re a lifelong learner. And you’re constantly improving.”
  • “Everyone has 24 hours. The question is what we do with them.”
  • “There are no labels and no excuses. It’s about performance.”
  • Love is the most powerful word in the world. The power of organizing love in your life will take you where you want to go.”
  • “Poverty is having no vision of who you can be.”
  • “How do you get to the top of the mountain? It’s a small step every day.”

“You can’t lead anybody else until you first lead yourself.”

2:32 PM (PST): Jarrod welcomed Stedman Graham to the 10X Growth Conference 2023 live stage.

2:29 PM (PST): President of Cardone Enterprises, Jarrod Glandt, welcomed attendees back after lunch break.

Jarrod also made a fantastic announcement. At that time, a staggering 450 donors resulted in over $140,000 in commitments to the Grant Cardone Foundation.

12:17 PM – 12:59 PM (PST): Cathie dove deep into her story as a highly successful woman in the male-dominated world of finance.

Cathie continued by pulling back the curtain on massive investing insights, such as:

  • “Go and look for that mentor. Make sure you’re partnered with someone who will allow you to grow.”
  • “Many investors “hug” old benchmarks. That’s not investing in my world. At Ark Invest, we’re focused on how the world is going to work — not how it has worked until now.”
  • “Right now, we believe right now in the global equity market — public and private.”
  • “We’ve got three revolutions in one — 1) Crypto: Bitcoin and Ether; 2) Financial services; 3) Digital property rights.”
  • “[Young people’s] identities are now being formed online, and the authenticity of that identity is becoming critical to them.”
  • “[We’re focused on] democratizing private investing.”
  • “Keep your eye on the prize. Trade around opportunities.”

Innovation solves problems.”

12:16 PM (PST): Grant Cardone welcomed superstar investor Cathie Wood to the stage for a fireside conversation.

12:04 PM – 12:14 PM (PST): Scarlett shared a powerful story about how everything we’re experiencing is magic.

  • “The moment you stop blaming the world for why your life isn’t magical, your life will be magical.”
  • “People will see you as a greater figure when you start to make your own magic.”
  • “When you put magic out there, magic will come back to you. What goes around comes around.”
  • “Put your magic into the world. Keep it. Multiply it.
  • “Once you have multiplied your magic to such a massive size that no regular person can even fathom it — continue it, make it bigger, and make it so large that every single person understands why you have magic.”

“Luck, magic, fate, whatever you want to call it — you create it.”

12:03 PM (PST): Grant Cardone introduced his youngest daughter, Scarlett Cardone, to the 10X Growth Conference stage.

11:12 AM – 11:59 (PST): Elena’s passionate keynote included eye-opening empire-building insights such as…

  • “You can only go so far on your own.”
  • “The purpose of a coexistence with somebody else is to help you get to a heightened level of success.”
  • “Nobody has ever built an empire alone; it takes people.”
  • “How many people can come along with us? How can we go out and make a difference and change the world? What can we do? How can we help?”
  • “If I stop, they win — the people who want to see us fail, the people who play small and think small… they win. And that’s when I pick myself back up from the ground.”
  • “There’s strength in numbers. There’s power in collaboration.”
  • “Be more. Do more. Achieve more. Because you can.”

“If I make it, it means that anyone can make it.”

11:11 AM (PST): Grant welcomed his wife — author, public speaker, and Empire Builder — Elena Cardone to the live 10X Growth Conference 2023 stage.

“There’s a family that you’re born with. And then there’s the family that you acquire along the way. You’re our 10X Family.”

11:02 AM (PST): Grant encouraged the audience to contribute to the mission of the Grant Cardone Foundation to empower at-risk youth — many without a father figure — with financial literacy resources and mentorship.

Grant also vows to match any PLEDGES AND donations made within the next 2 minutes.

10:54 AM (PST): Grant shared a series of deeply personal stories highlighting his humble beginnings before 10X became the global movement it is today.

“10X is a universe of likeminded people who believe in expansion. 10X is a community of people who know success is important.”

10:27 AM (PST): Grant showed love to the 10X Team who helped put the massive 10X Growth Conference together. He also shared some of the staggering statistics the team had achieved recently:

  • 468,000 active users on Cardone University
  • 1 billion lessons delivered on Cardone University
  • 5 million people on the 10X email list
  • 17 million active users on social media
  • 1,048 live events

Grant also revealed that $11 million were invested into this year’s 10X Growth Conference.

“My ‘overnight success‘ looks like this — tens of thousands of presentations to cold audiences who didn’t want to see me there.”

10:15 AM (PST): Grant Cardone opened 10X Growth Conference 2023 LIVE in Las Vegas!

Grant welcomed both long-time and new attendees alike while describing the concept of 10X to the audience. He went on to thank his incredible family — Elena, Sabrina, Scarlett — and wished all the ladies present a Happy Valentine’s Day.

“My family has given me everything, folks, and I want to extend this to you today. We consider you to be part of our family.”

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