So, you want to learn how to scale?

I’ll show you the best framework for scaling a business to massive success.

By mastering my three steps to scale, you will start to see your business grow to 10X levels.

My 3-Step Framework for Scaling a Business


You know I preach about one of the most important parts of any business:


You see, if you want your business to grow and succeed, you need to be the one to promote your business, first and foremost. 

Why is this so important?

  • You want to lead your team by example, and reiterating how important promoting is by doing it yourself, will only amplify your team’s efforts;
  • You want to bring yourself to the front of people’s minds by doing everything you can to get people to know about your business;

By doing this, you will eventually get to…


Like a domino effect, promoting your product or services will lead you to profit from that promotion. 

And once you begin to see a pattern, and learn exactly which promotions are profiting the most, you create a…


Write this down:

You want to document every little thing within your business.

I’m serious! If you want to replicate your efforts and create a seamless scaling strategy, then documenting your processes is going to be the key to that success.

This is an essential part of the framework for scaling a business because it allows you to document what works. And it allows you to go back and teach someone else how you did it. 

This brings me to the last (bonus) step…

4Bonus Step: People

If you want to scale bigger, better, and faster, adding people to your framework will be incredibly beneficial.

Once you perfect the promotion, profit, and process part, you can start adding team members into the mix.

These team members should be aligned with your mission and vision. They will be helping you drive your business forward by modeling, mimicking, mastering, and multiplying what you do. 

Scaling a business is hard work. It takes years — sometimes decades — to achieve the success you dream of. But with the right systems and processes in place, it can happen a lot quicker than anticipated.

To learn more about how you can grow, scale, and increase your profitability by nearly 40% in 12 months, give us a call at Cardone Ventures. We will go over the steps you need to take to make this happen for you and your business. 

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