Guess what my #1 strategy is to doubling your profitability? No, it’s not a mindset. It’s not a tool, a gadget, or a product. It’s… 

A partnership.


If you want to scale bigger, better, and faster, then you need to surround yourself with the right people. 

Here’s a fact. I would not be as successful as I am today if it were not for my business partnership with Grant. 

If I had not chosen to collaborate with him, Cardone Ventures would not have been created.

If I hadn’t realized that collaboration is the new currency, my mission of helping one million business owners 10X their businesses wouldn’t be possible. 

Why can collaboration result in increased profitability?

1Access to a wider network

Firstly, like Grant says, your network determines your net worth.

You see, collaborating with other entrepreneurs or business owners gives you access to their network — and them, yours.

This is the perfect way to dive into new sectors, meet other successful entrepreneurs, and expand your sea of connections. Ones that have the potential to benefit you and your business in the future.

2Model, mimic, master, and multiply

Next, I often talk about the power of modeling, mimicking, mastering, and multiplying. And when it comes to collaboration, this is even more important. 

Collaborating with people who are currently crushing it at what they do can give you access to understanding how you can do that for your business.

3Double the money = double the success

The more money you pour into something — whether it’s advertising or your continued education — the better your results can be. 

However, it’s not spending the money. It’s about being intentional with where you put it and how you choose to spend and invest it. 

With Grant and I, we’re able to sell out events because we’re utilizing both of our resources, teams, and efforts in order to make something work.

After all, teamwork makes the dream work. And if you want to take your business to new heights, you’re going to have to collaborate with the right people. 

If you’re ready to 10X your business once and for all, then you’re going to want to be in the room for our upcoming 10X360. This is the training for business owners who are serious about their growth and willing to expand their thinking to reach their goals.

Schedule a call with my team and we’ll make sure you’re set up for success.


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