Superhero example leader

If you’re a leader and you truly love your people — be the example of who and what they can become.

Here’s the thing. You can’t change people. You can only inspire them. 

But to do that, you need to have the integrity. You need to have the character so you can show what’s available to them in their lives.

Not by settling or compromising — by accelerating, growing, and inspiring.

A true leader is an example of excellence

To be the prime example of a leader, the only thing you should be settling for is excellence. That’s exactly what will inspire the people around you.

You don’t want to attract the ones that are okay with mediocrity. The guys that say, “No, no, please… I like doing what I do, I don’t want to try anything different.”

Those aren’t the people you’re trying to inspire because they don’t want to be inspired.

Find the people that say, “I want to do what you’re doing, I wanna learn how you did it, and I want to, at all costs, follow your example. That way, I, too, can elevate my own success lid.”

These are the people you want inside of your organization.

Accountability starts with you

You can’t have these things happen if you’re not going to hold yourself accountable.

Wishing, wanting, or hoping you’ll be the ideal example of leader will take you nowhere. Because those who can’t do, can’t teach.

If you want to teach and inspire your people, then first teach and inspire yourself to achieve greatness.

Remarkable leadership is continuous process. You don’t become a great leader overnight. And once you get there, you have to keep going with 10X actions.

There’s one massive action step you can take right now to maximize your leadership skills. Connect with my team at Cardone Ventures to become the model leader you have always been destined to be.