Grant Cardone and 50 Cent who smashed Super Bowl haters

Instead of enjoying an iconic performance, Super Bowl haters rushed to criticize 50 Cent’s appearance. And 50 made sure it backfired on them.

I said in my bestselling book, The 10X Rule, “Never waste a hater.” That’s why I am glad to see 50 Cent is using haters to fuel his success. 

I’ve talked about how people criticizing you says more about them than you in previous articles. However, here we’ll see how our boy Fiddy is actually using them to line his pockets as an example.

He knows all publicity is good publicity and how to use it to his advantage. 

Criticism for 50 Cent’s massive moment

First of all, if you saw the halftime show lineup of the big game of 2022, you know it was epic. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Mary J. Blige gave killer performances. Then 50 Cent came in to round off an already amazing Super Bowl show.

He recreated a stunt he did in the “In the Club” music video. That was an incredible physical feat, but haters didn’t want to talk about a monumental halftime show. 

Haters wanted to talk about 50 Cent’s weight. 

Never mind that, I’m sure none of these people are in the same shape they were 20 years ago.

The thing you need to know is that criticism will come from these types of people when you are most successful. You can almost count it as a sign you are on the right track. 

How 50 Cent slammed Super Bowl body-shamers

This is when 50 Cent made me proud. Instead of whining or going after his naysayers personally, he is using these haters to fuel his success. 

While social media was going crazy with people both against and defending him, he made a brilliant tweet of his own, directly promoting the streetwear they claimed he looked so terrible in. 

That’s a 10X move, and that’s why he was a guest performer at my 10X Growth Conference this past year.

We only do things with people who have that big picture mindset.

They don’t get caught up in the haters’ petty games. They make a profit. 

This year, we’re gonna have the biggest celebrity speakers in Growth Con history. Don’t miss out on the #1 Life-changing Business Conference in the world — hurry up and snag your virtual ticket for the premier digital experience.

Never waste a hater,

Grant Cardone  


  1. Haters makes us who are success big timers more successful.Tthey hayers dont often understand the game of admiration in success when dealing with success makers.Haters as hate-fools are servants of the succesfuls.They haters are some of the advantages in publicity success stunt to put on,pull off,the succesfuls need to apply,check and balance more success for real growth, in cash money makings,biggest time..Up 10x growth business principles!

    • It’s easy to see how 6 million+ Jews were pushed into gas chambers and ovens almost 80 years ago. Propaganda, hype, indoctrination, and pushing false narratives are all alive, well, and perpetually being used – now for capitalistic purposes! Will people EVER learn???


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