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Without a doubt, one of the most iconic moments of 10X Growth Conference 2021 was quarterback Drew Brees announcing his retirement from the NFL. In 20 seasons on the field, he has set countless records. His induction into the Football Hall of Fame is just a matter of time, but wait until you hear about his investment portfolio… 

The former New Orleans Saints’ storied career includes 571 touchdowns, passing the pigskin 80,358 yards, and a completion rate of 67.7%!

Nonetheless, that is not how Brees built a franchise empire with a net worth of $120 million

Here is the story of how he is scoring big in business. 

Drew Brees Gets in the Game, from Theme Parks to Donuts 

Often, investors are encouraged to diversify their portfolios. And Drew Brees definitely took this advice to heart. 

A broad overview of the companies he holds stakes in include Surge Adventure Parks, Jimmy Johns, and Dunkin’.

However, the NFL alum is not stopping there. 

Recently, Brees made a sizable investment in the California-based superfood chain, everbowl. The company specializes in healthy bowls and smoothies. Brees’ contribution will allow them to expand to 85 locations across the South and Midwest. 

Additionally, Drew Brees’ investments are influenced by his football roots. He has partnered with his college teammate, Jason Loerzal, to back the Stretch Zone physical rehabilitation centers. 

“I know the impact and benefits stretching has on my athletic potential and quality of life, and it is time for everyone to try out this patented system that supports overall health and wellness,” Brees commented on his decision. 

Clearly, Drew Brees has made some good financial choices. But not everything he does is about making money… 

Working to Make Dreams Come True

Drew’s financial support is not limited to endeavors that make a profit.

The record-holding player has his own philanthropic effort, The Brees Dream Foundation. 

The aim of this organization is to help improve the quality of life for cancer patients. To date, the charity has contributed over $45 million to care, education, support, and opportunities for these individuals in need. 

At the end of the day, Drew Brees is a rockstar in everything he takes on. He was incredible on the field and has taken that discipline into his business practice. 

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