As a multi-hyphenate mogul, Dany Garcia is a living legend across multiple industries. From entertainment to business, branding, and beyond, the chief executive is a true force to be reckoned with. This is how Garcia became the powerhouse behind Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and more world-class brands…

Celebrity guest at 10X Growth Conference 2020. Founder. Chairwoman. CEO. Investor. Producer. Competitive bodybuilder. Philanthropist. Mentor. 

To say Dany Garcia’s arsenal of professional titles is remarkable would be an understatement.

With authentic 10X thinking and action, Garcia has succeeded in leaving a permanent mark on every niche she touches. 

And it all started when she was only 12 years old

A Lifelong Commitment to Greatness

As a first-generation American, Dany has the value of hard work ingrained in her. Born in New Jersey to Cuban immigrants, she grew up watching her father support three children by managing an auto body shop. 

At age 12, she plunged into the workforce and never looked back.

Garcia’s first job was running a barn with eight stalls, caring for horses and driving tractors. Soon after, she began to sell men’s suits, which she would continue throughout high school.

Even as a child, she was committed to achieving financial freedom for her and her family.


— Dany Garcia in her interview with Elena Cardone at the 10X Growth Conference

Later on, Dany pursued a degree in International Marketing and Finance. While studying at the University of Miami School of Business, she worked with an amazing team of women who opened up the world of business for her. 

College is also where Dany Garcia met Dwayne Johnson, and the encounter would end up being definitive for both of their careers. 

In the years after her graduation, she served as Merrill Lynch Associate Vice President. Garcia also founded and ran her own wealth management firm.

However, the year 2008 marks the beginning of an incredible new chapter in Garcia’s legacy…

“The Rock” Brand, Empowered by Dany Garcia

At the time, Dany and Dwayne’s home lives had been intertwined for a decade. Yet their connection as business partners proved far stronger than any personal differences.

A year after announcing an amicable divorce, “The Rock” asked Garcia to manage his career. Today, she continues to develop his brand as Global Strategic Advisor.

Although the business duo’s impact on the entertainment industry is undoubtable, how they made it is even more impressive.

At the time Dwayne Johnson was transitioning from WWE to movies, the show business had a set of unspoken rules. For actors to be successful, they had to fit certain physical criteria.

However, instead of molding “The Rock” to Hollywood standards, Dany disrupted the status quo. She carved out a space for Dwayne to be himself. Unapologetically. Bodybuilder physique and all. 

“Everyone Has the Right to Greatness, but Not Everyone Will Choose to Achieve It.”

At the 10X Growth Conference, attendees had the privilege of seeing just how massive Garcia’s influence is in different areas.

Behind the scenes, the business magnate presides in boardrooms, produces blockbusters, competes as a bodybuilder, and devotes resources to philanthropy.

No matter how many companies she builds, invests in, or operates, Dany sticks to her mission of relentless personal growth.


— Garcia at 10X Growth Con

All in all, Dany Garcia is the prime example of what 10X looks like in action across all life areas. And that’s exactly why we were honored to have her as a guest at Growth Con.

In 2023, the 10X Team’s purpose of hosting the biggest and baddest celebrity speakers is stronger than ever

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Your own greatness awaits.

Featured image source: Hiram Garcia; additional editing by GCTV Staff

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