Your wealth is directly related to the time that you have on hand to do what you want to do. That means you have MORE time as you grow wealthier. Click here for more information:

It’s sounds very controversial, right? I have seen many of my friends and acquaintances who have end to be very busy, working 80 hours shifts trying to make their ends meet. Whereas I have met billionaires who have all the time in the world. The difference is that billionaires are very busy too. But, they are very busy doing what they want to do, what they are passionate about.

I am not a billionaire. However,  I can swear that I utilize my time on personal development and doing what I am passionate about. In fact, I spend at least 20 hours a week working on the business, 14 hours working on my mental self, 5 hours working on my physical self. I still have time for my loved ones. If somebody that I love a lot or means a lot to me calls me and wants to meet up, I can always make time.

One of the goals for 2017 is to dedicate at least 12 hours on working towards achieving my vision and 8 hours towards increasing the group revenues by 200%. I also will dedicate 36 hours towards workshops, conferences and seminars in a year.

This leaves me, in a 168 hour week, 52 hours to do everything else I want to do after sleeping for 56 hours in the week. Isn’t that cool?

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