Nowadays, everyone is trying to sell you something. This also means that reckless and impulsive spending has never been easier. 

Now a new phenomenon, “Spaving”, highlights this issue and demonstrates how easy it is to throw money at things we don’t need. 

Spaving: The Latest Spending Craze

Spaving is a pattern in which stores and retailers convince you to spend more money under the guise of saving money. Once you start noticing it, you’ll realize that stores are flooded with these kinds of deals. 

For example, any deal that convinces consumers to buy more than they actually need, leading them to spend more can be considered spaving. Deals like: 

  • Buy one, get one 50% off
  • Limited time offers
  • Free shipping threshold

These offers bait customers into thinking they’re saving money on a deal, but in reality…

They’re spending more than they would under normal circumstances. 

Companies invest in tactics like spaving to encourage spending among consumers. It’s another one of the factors that leaves individuals squeezed when shopping…

But there are ways to combat it and come out a better spender. 

How To Avoid Spaving Traps

Since the goal of spaving is just to keep you spending, there are actions that consumers can take to be more aware of what they spend their money on. 

One of the ways people can avoid the temptation of a “good deal” is by remaining unaware of any compelling promotions. This means uninstalling retail apps that notify you of new deals and unsubscribing from promotional emails.


Another way to avoid falling into the spaving trap is by doing the math when you’re tempted by a new deal. Ask yourself if the deal is really worth it. Also, it’s worth remembering that even if you save 50% on a product, you would be saving 100% if you didn’t buy it at all. 

And if you’re feeling really tempted to buy something… don’t buy it right away. Instead, wait a day, and if you’re still inclined to make the purchase, go ahead. The goal is not to stop spending…

But to spend responsibly and not because of some flashy limited-time offer. 

Be Great, 

GCTV Staff

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