Apple antitrust

Apple has been facing a tough couple of months. Between falling sales, a brief Apple Watch ban, and an abandoned electric vehicle project… Now, the EU has issued Apple a $2 billion antitrust fine. 

Things haven’t been great for the tech conglomerate.

Here are the facts…

Apple’s Antitrust Investigation

The European Commission, the EU’s executive body, found that Apple had violated antitrust rules. The violation comes from the app store in iOS software. 

Essentially, the multi-year investigation…

Found that the app store restricted app developers from communicating with users. 

What couldn’t they communicate? Developers couldn’t inform their users about different methods of subscribing to music streaming services.

The result of these rules within the app stores…

Led to many iOS users paying significantly more for services when they didn’t need to.

The fine is a result of a complaint by Spotify…

Saying that these rules prevented it from communicating with users about upgrading…


And subscription prices. 


The fine, resulting from an investigation which began in 2021

Is the European Commission’s way of holding Apple accountable for creating a monopoly within their app stores.

Could this antitrust fine be what gets Apple to comply with regulations?

Or will apps be subject to the whims of an Apple-dominated marketplace?

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