Project Titan

Last Wednesday, reports confirmed Apple was ditching its electric vehicle initiative, Project Titan. But, why did they decide to abandon it? And, where are those resources going to be directed now it’s terminated? Read this article to find out… 

Apple Never “Confirmed” Project Titan, But There Were Signs…

For ten years, the trailblazing tech company never formally spoke about what Project Titan was. Nonetheless, the public pieced it together based on several, key moves the brand made…

For one, they had been bringing on automotive leaders to the company since 2014…

Then in 2017, Apple obtained a permit to test self-driving vehicles from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. 

All signs pointed to EVs. And despite some skepticism, tech enthusiasts were strongly interested in Project Titan. 

But alas, the venture was killed off on February 28th. 

The reason? 

Long story short, the electric car industry isn’t doing too hot. Case and point: Tesla losing billions to competition. 

However, Apple is not simply laying off employees involved in the project. They are being moved to a space with more public interest. 

Where the Tech Juggernaut is Shifting Its Focus 

Although Apple never officially claimed Project Titan, they have been upfront about doing right by their workers. 

So, where are these specialists being moved to? 


There is more buzz around the possibilities of artificial intelligence as opposed to EVs. 

And frankly, after the Apple Vision Pro was returned en masse, the brand can’t afford to take chances. 

So, goodbye Project Titan. I suppose we can’t miss what we never knew. 

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