3 Ways To Hire Great People

Ways To Hire Great People

Fellow 10X’er…

Right now, a lot of businesses are looking to hire new staff.

Even though we’re in a recession.

Which is smart…

As I keep saying, recessions are times to lean in and expand.

That’s why great business owners realize they need additional help in order to keep growing and scaling higher.

Of course, you don’t just want to hire people that can fog a mirror.

You want to hire great people who are going to be motivated and committed to your business.

So I thought I’d share 3 ways that I routinely hire great people.

And for those readers who don’t need additional staff right now, it’s still a great idea to read the rest of today’s issue.

Because as you continue to 10X your business, it’s only a matter of time until you need additional staff…

And you’ll know what you need to do to make great hires.

1You Got To Already Be Successful 

People want to work for a winner. They want job security with the company they work for too. 

Nobody’s gonna leave Google or Apple to come work for me if I’m struggling to make a buck or to keep the business going.

2You Gotta Market To Your Target Prospects 

For a lot of great people, it’s not just about collecting a paycheck. How they feel about the company and their own personal beliefs matter too.

Here’s a great example.

Google recently told all of their employees, you have until this day to show proof of vaccination or you’re terminated.

Now, I’m not going to get into whether I think it’s a good idea or not.

Everybody has their own opinion on it and that’s perfectly fine with me.

My point is, I knew it wasn’t going to go over well with a good number of their employees. 

Especially some of their top employees who know how valuable their skills are. The types of skills that other companies would be eager to bring into the fold. 

Especially my company.

So I saw an opportunity.

I posted an ad that targeted Google employees.

It said something like: 

“Hey Google employees,

We appreciate your hard work and we appreciate your privacy.  Whatever you want to do in your private life is okay with us.

We’re growing like crazy. So come work for us.”

The result?

We had over 400 applicants in under 48 hours.

3You’re Gonna Have To Be Willing To Spend Money

If you want to attract great people you need to be willing to spend money. 

You have to find out what the market is for these people…

And go above it.

This is where you might want to ignore your accountant or bookkeeper. 

Their job is to save you money. And that’s a good thing when you ask them to.

But saving money on the people you hire rarely works in your favor.

If you pay peanuts, then you wind up with a bunch of monkeys working for you.

And you don’t want monkeys working for you. You want superstars.

Especially in sales.

If I’m going to overpay anyone in my company, it’s going to be the sales department. 

I don’t mess with their base or their commissions. I don’t pay them late. And I don’t play any games with what they’re owed either.

I want them to be 100% motivated and selling hard for me every day.

Here’s the bottom line…

If you’re a business owner… sales pro… or regular employee… there’s always something you can do to find great people.

You just have to get creative.

Need help?  

Grab my free 10X Rule book.

10X, every day.

– Grant

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