Lying Liars

lying liars

Fellow 10X’er…

Listening to other people can be dangerous.

Especially when those people tell you lies disguised as ‘advice.’

They’ll tell you things like…

“Just be happy…”

“Don’t worry about money, just be a good person…”

(As though you can’t have money AND be good person.)

“Be happy you live in a country like America.”

And worst of all…

“Stop thinking so big.”

Lies like those are horrible.

They rob you of your ambition.


They’re not really even about you.

Here’s the Lesson I Learned a Long Time Ago…

Pretend you’re a crab.  And you’re living life in a bucket with all the other crabs…

You’re a special crab though.  

You’re hard working.  

You’ve got ambition.  

You know there’s a bigger world outside the bucket.

And you’re going to do whatever it takes to get there.

So, you start crawling up and over the edge.

That’s when your ‘buddy’ crabs reach up and pull you back in.

They want to drag you down so you stay in the bucket with them.

It’s the same with people…

When people tell you things like “just be happy”…

They’re telling lies.

What they’re really doing is justifying their own failures.

They’ve given up on money and success… and now they want you to do the same.


Because if everyone in the “bucket” gives up on money too… 

Then those people don’t have to feel bad about themselves.

Misery loves company.

In other words, these people lie to themselves – and to anyone who’ll listen – in order to save their own egos.

Don’t let ‘em drag you down.

Be the Conscious Captain of your own life.

10X, every day.

 – Grant

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