BBBS Resumes

During our continued collaboration with Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Broward County in their School to Work program, the next session focused on building resumes for the high school seniors’ future college and job applications… 

On January 17, the Grant Cardone Foundation once again hosted 17 students from BBBS at the 10X Headquarters to learn real life skills. This was the fourth in a series of nine the “Littles’” will attend prior to their graduation. 

Following our previous lessons on utilizing LinkedIn, we took it a step further and dove into attention-grabbing resumes. 

First, there was a video presentation for the students to understand what details to include in their CVs. 

The Littles went through the steps of writing a resume with the help of their employee advisors. The intention was to post them to their LinkedIn profiles at the end of the day. However, the students were surprised about several aspects of modern work experience summaries…

Our BBBS Littles’ Resumes Get the Star Treatment

The mentees were interested to find that adding your social media handles can be a compelling element to a resume. 

After all the BBBS seniors finished working with their mentors, there was one more step before posting their resumes online…

The world-class 10X video team came into the classroom to take professional headshots of the Littles for their resumes!

How about that for an extra touch for future employers to see?

To Be Continued…

All in all, it was another successful session with BBBS and the School to Work program. 

Watching the lessons really click with the students at a big transition point in their lives has been so rewarding for all the CTTI mentors. 

As the sessions continue, so will our coverage of the students’ journey. 


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