Classic Muscle Cars

It might come as a shock, but when I was younger I would work on classic muscle cars as a hobby. I was able to identify hotrods, take them apart, and put them back together. I learned a lot while hanging out in these garages…

But the most important thing I learned has nothing to do with cars and has influenced every aspect of my life.

Yep… I Used to Fix Up Classic Muscle Cars

My love for working in a garage first came from an ex-boyfriend of mine, before I met Grant. This ex knew everything about hot rods and it was through him that I started learning about them. 

I started memorizing the different makes and models of classic cars from the ’60s. I could tell what year they were based on the different features they had. 

It was not long before I started hanging out in garages with gearheads


Finally, I was getting a chance to take these machines apart and see what it took to get one of these things running. 

I was able to learn so much from just being there and working with my hands. I’m still able to identify the differences between these cars through the years. 

But, the best thing I learned hanging out with the guys is much simpler than I thought…

It’s the truth about individual strengths and weaknesses.

Unique Strengths and Weaknesses

One day, I was working on a ‘62 Chrysler 300. I grabbed a new tire to get it onto the lugnuts… 

And I couldn’t lift it. 

I kept at it until one of my friends at the shop helped me. It was too difficult for me to do on my own and I became incredibly frustrated. I was angry at what my body didn’t allow me to do. 


As I cooled down, I realized that even though I needed help with lifting the tire, the other guys at the shop needed my help too

There were so many things that they couldn’t do that I could do effortlessly.

For example, I was a master at putting things back together. I would label everything neatly and remember it so well that the gearheads were always in shock. 

Not to mention, because my hands were smaller, I was able to squeeze into spots the guys couldn’t. They even started calling me “Squirrel” because of it. 

I gained some perspective on what it means to have a different skill set from those around you. Being around classic muscle cars helped me realize that even though I can’t do some things…


Bet on Yourself

Ever since my days in the garage, I’ve made it a point to know my strengths and capitalize on them in every situation. 

The fact is, everyone you meet is going to have a completely different set of skills from you…

They might dominate where you struggle. 

But it’s never about comparing yourself to competitors. It’s about recognizing that where other people have strengths, they have weaknesses too. 

We all do. 

When you think you can’t do something, remember all the times you were able to accomplish your goals. Remember that you have your own unique strengths and that to create the life you want you need to capitalize on them. 

Know what you can do and use that to your advantage.

Build an Empire,

Elena Cardone

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