Words to Never Use When Closing a Sale

closing a sale

In part 1 of the series, I talked to you about getting your head right.  

And in part 2, I shared with you the 7 Requirements for Closing the Sale.

Then, in part 3, I showed you 8 Reasons You Struggle in the Close.

Now, in today’s email I want to share with you…

Words to Never Use When Closing

If you want to negotiate like a billionaire… if you’re tired of getting leftovers… quit saying these words:

  • No.  People don’t want to hear the word no.  It shuts them down immediately.  That doesn’t mean you give in to every demand… it means you get good at re-framing.  How can you turn your no into a yes?

    Similarly, you never want to say:  I disagree… we can’t do that… not possible… no way… we won’t… and so on.
  • Good deal.  Who wants good when you can have great?  Not me.  Not you.  And not your prospect.
  • Competitive.  This is the most sickening word ever.  It says your product is not great… you’re not great… the company is not great… and the prospect should shop the competition.

Short email today.

But it’s a powerful lesson…

Words matter.  And the ones you choose to leave out are just as powerful as the ones you choose to leave in.

If you or your team is involved in closing, tomorrow’s email is a must-see.  Watch for it.

Keeping it real…

– Grant “Master Closer” Cardone

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