If you had 50 Benjamins, what would you spend it on? It’s really not that much money. Some people think it’s a lot but in the grand scheme of things $5,000 is nothing if you waste it on stuff. If I gave any of you $5,000 today, your life would not be any different tomorrow. You can’t buy real estate, you can’t get a good watch or a nice ring for your girl, and you can’t even go on a great vacation for just $5,000 unless you want to stay at the Holiday Inn—which should not qualify as “great” for anybody. It’s simply 50 Benjamins, and if you stack those up it’s not going to be very thick. $5,000 is not a whole lot of money. I spent $5,000 for a World Series ticket earlier this month. A New York luxury hotel is offering a weekend divorce packages that gives divorcing couples access to the resort’s spa, tennis courts, swimming area, and a lawyer—all for $5,000. There’s even a hamburger that’s $5,000 in Las Vegas. You even get a vintage bottle of Chateau Petrus and fries included. You can spend $5,000 easily in this world. How many stupid things do people buy every day on this planet? You can get a designer handbag, or you can buy an expensive breed of cat, like a Bengal which comes in at $5,000. The sad fact is most Americans don’t have even have $1,000 in savings, much less $5,000. The majority of people are living paycheck to paycheck. This is happening because people would rather spend $5,000 on things they don’t need rather than investing in themselves. A lot of people say no when it comes to the idea of investing in themselves. The rule of ‘no’ says that whenever you say no to something in life, there is usually a lack of “know”. The word invest means to involve or engage, especially emotionally, so if you involve yourself with something you are making an investment. You can involve yourself in many different things. Americans often “invest” in 401K’s and houses—this is the old, Middle-Class mentality; small thinking. Whether you are spending $5,000 on a mortgage, throwing it in a 401K, or ordering a decked out burger in Vegas, the result is pretty much the same—a waste. There’s a better way to spend money, and few people do it, but those that do become wealthy—not pretender spenders. I’m talking about investing in yourself.

A person is going to excel and do best in those areas in which he or she invests the most attention and takes the most action.

You have to make an investment in something to get a return. If you retreat, you disengage and no longer involve yourself with that thing. Successful people invest time, energy, and money in improving themselves. You never lose money when you invest it in yourself. The government can’t tax knowledge. A good investment is something you put your money in and it explodes your knowledge. The bank tells you to put your money in a bank and it will grow, but it won’t—it will just sit there for them to use, and you will gain 1% return. ONE PERCENT. The only One Percent you want to get into is the 1% of earners on this planet. You have to be investing in yourself if you really want to multiply your net worth. The average American spends $5,000 a year on gas. $5,000 is not a lot of money and saving it is not going to change your life. If you aren’t making at least $100,000 a year, you need to be investing in yourself so that you can have the ability to increase your income. Cardone University is $4995 for Lifetime Access. It’s an investment in you.   Be Obsessed or Be Average, GC
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