You’ve probably heard about the Metaverse, NFTs, and life as we know it is turning into virtual reality. Let’s talk about the idea of living our lives through a virtual reality experience. Is it a good idea or not?

The Metaverse is a meta-environment, a computer-simulated reality, a fictional world where you can be anywhere and do anything. It is an immersive virtual environment with all aspects of our current world (but with better graphics). This includes virtual space travel, life as we know it now in virtual form, and everything in between.

Is a virtual experience in the Metaverse superior to reality?

You can say goodbye to your office job and work for yourself in your metaverse home. It’s an odd, intangible reality that allows your avatar to do anything you want, anywhere you want.

Introducing the Metaverse will be a deflationary moment – I can go to Disneyland and experience it right in the comfort of my home with my headset and save the travel expenses.

In 2017, I experienced the World Series from the best seat in the stadium, right behind the umpire for $117,000. In the Metaverse, anyone can experience sitting in the same spot without leaving their home.

The pros and cons of living in the Metaverse


– You can go Metaverse anywhere

– No travel or time missed from work

– You can experience anything anytime

– Immersive virtual reality experiences


– Living life as an avatar takes away the social aspect of real-life interactions

– Physical disabilities could be exacerbated by “metaversing” too much

– You will lose touch with reality

– The Metaverse may be more expensive

Check what I had to say about the metaverse in this TikTok Video:

@ryanpineda Are You Excited Or Scared For The Metaverse? @grantcardone #grantcardone #metaverse #disneyland #worldseries #deflation ♬ original sound – Ryan Pineda

More of My thoughts…

I believe you should experience life in the real world (without a headset). My opinion? 

  • Focus on the real world, real things, real people
  • Read actual books
  • Experience nature
  • Get dirty 
  • Do real work
  • Get your kids outside

This new virtual reality is making history. What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments below.

Watch everything Facebook revealed about the Metaverse in the Youtube video below.

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  1. I prefer real experiences. It may have uses for all kinds of things such as training pilots or for a military drills to check out the landscape before arriving, but as for replacing reality and living in a simulation… no thanks.

  2. I don’t know how to live in the metaverse anymore as well as grasping reality, I’ve always struggled with balance but I am a realist. I’m a fighter, surviver, some things are out of our control. I’m having to let go of what I can’t control a piece of my heart but with the right intentions. I never felt like I belonged any where unless I was under the sun. I need a better reality.

  3. Only thing i can say; there’s people trying to bring you out of the matrix and theres people trying to bring you in to the matrix. Sell it; to you. Nothing beats real life. I can definitely see some practical applications. But sadly i can only see 10% of this in its application the rest will be ‘ entertainment’. For the direction of humanity in my view diabolical. People are already addicted to their phones. People don’t need less reality they need more reality. This is a shute in avoiding it. And if you’re in any way spiritually inclined. Why would you want Simulations.

  4. I see this is the world we are moving to and real life experiences will be a thing of the past for a lot. There is now the commitment factor to include. By actually going to a concert, a bootcamp, you are committing to actual spending focused time they’re without distractions or easily being able to changing focus. I would you rather go to a concert in person at Red Rocks, then watch a watch a virtual video. The Video will allow more people to experience it, but will you take it all in. For GC boot camp’s I have been virtual and in person, but by not committing to have all attention at the bootcamp learning was harder, because I could be easily distracted. Many will say I was not committed, which is true because only my eyes’ and the hearing of what the microphones picked up is what my senses could pick up. My senses are capable of picking up so much more. This is the same with virtual working in my opinion, your senses pick up so much more while at physical work.