The Grant Cardone Foundation has officially launched its interactive e-learning program for adolescents. 

The success of Cardone University was the inspiration behind 10X Kids University. This program will provide goal-setting skills and essential financial literacy education to children and young adults. 

10X Kids University was designed to help your child unleash their imagination, control their mindset, get honest with themself, and take massive action to get where they want in every area of their life. 

10X Kids University

Who is 10X Kids for? 

The program was developed with students aged 12-17 years in mind. 

Non-profit organizations, youth centers, and schools may be eligible to receive the program free of charge to their students through sponsorships of corporate and community partners. 

But, more importantly…

Our ultimate goal is for children to complete this program with bigger dreams, higher goals, and the confidence needed to put both into action.

The university will include the following courses.

  • 10X Your Goals: THINK BIG
  • 10X Your Money: INVEST BIG
  • 10X Your Action: ACT BIG
  • 10X Your Resources: BUILD BIG
  • 10X Your Influence: LIVE BIG

The common core will not provide your children with these skills, but 10X Kids University will. The Grant Cardone Foundation wants our youth to acquire knowledge that will help them succeed in the real world. It is our belief that teaching this early on will result in responsible financial management and good decision-making. Grant is always saying,

“I want to help all 7 billion people on Earth.”

That definitely includes children, no matter their background. To find out more information about the 10X Kids program, visit


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