Vinyl records

In this case, the old adage “history repeats itself” might be ringing true. Vinyl records, once considered obsolete, have now become popular enough to track inflation. 

Here’s what that means…

Following Vinyl Records… For The Music And To Track Inflation

In the face of all this new, high-end business in streaming music

Some people want to go back to the basics. And vinyl records are the way to do it. 

A rise in interest and new sales brought vinyl back to the public eye (or should we say ears in this instance?).

And last year was a huge year for those big round disks. In the United States, nearly 50 million records were purchased, and in the UK, over 5.9 million units were sold


Part of these giant numbers in sales is thanks to the current reigning queen of pop, Taylor Swift. Not only did she create her own concert economy in 2023

But her album 1989 (Taylor’s Version) was responsible for 7% of all vinyl sales in the US, and became the best selling vinyl album of the year.

This resurgence in popularity is what the UK’s Office for National Statistics cited…

When deciding to include vinyl records on the list of items used to calculate inflation.

Not only is vinyl going to be used to calculate the health of the economy, but the surge in this antiquated form of listening…


In the UK, there are currently 461 record stores. In 2014, there were 339. 

Record Naysayers Finally Changed Their Tune

As high tech as the music industry can get, with streaming services abound

Vinyl records exist as a great reminder that sometimes the best things aren’t waiting for us in the future…

They’re waiting to be discovered in the back of a record store. 

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