As the top marketing podcast in America, “Goal Digger” gets 1.5 million downloads each month and has amassed more than 74 million over its time on the air. At its forefront is a small-town Minnesota girl who took a risk — and a $300 Craigslist camera — and made her vision a reality… 

Today, Jenna Kutcher, creator and host of Goal Digger, leverages her podcast, courses, and blog to educate people on building a multimillion dollar business like hers. 

The marketing podcast has a “live workshop” style with exercises for listeners to complete. Combine that with valuable insights from other industry professionals, and it’s easy to see why Goal Digger has such a massive fanbase.

During its span of over 500 episodes, Jenna’s marketing podcast has featured topics such as:

However, it took a while to hit all these milestones.

“I didn’t always have this business: the clients, the courses, the book, the sales, the millions of downloads…” Jenna shares on her personal website.

Ten years ago, Kutcher realized that working a corporate role in a windowless office was not the dream job she hoped it would be.

So, she bought a camera from an online listing and started a wedding photography business.

Although the company became successful, it took marketing to get there… 

Really good marketing. 

As a result of Jenna keying in on that ability, she now enjoys a fulfilling life with her family.

Nonetheless, she is not ALL about business… 

Jenna Kutcher Has the #1 Rated Marketing Podcast in the U.S. — AND a Chart-Topping Book 

That’s right. Jenna Kutcher is also a bestselling author!

She wrote “How Are You, Really?” as a personal development guide for readers.

During the time at her office job, she realized she was not living a life with “peace and purpose.” Kutcher felt like an imposter and like she was only successful to others’ standards. Her objective in writing this book was to help others break free of that cycle. 

Alongside her marketing podcast, Jenna Kutcher keeps expanding in every area of her life.

As such, we are excited that she will be speaking at our 10X Business Summit

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10X Business Summit 2022

Until then, here’s to you finding success on your own terms. 

Featured image source: Jenna Kutcher / Facebook

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