Creating your personal and financial legacy is not the easiest undertaking, but it is the most worthwhile. Here and in my book Build an Empire: How to Have it All, I have identified 12 tools you NEED to build an empire. 

The following tools are what paved the way to my success. So, I felt it was my responsibility to share them with others.

None of these will cost you any money. However, it will take spirit and willingness for these tools to work.

This is the roadmap; the rest is up to you. 

The Top 12 Tools to Build an Empire


It is impossible to build an empire blindly. It takes attention and all your wits about you.

Eliminate or be moderate things that lower your awareness like drugs or alcohol. 


This is what is going to get you through when doing the work gets difficult.

Your dedication to your purpose is your light at the end of the tunnel.

Follow it. 


Getting the life you want takes consistency.

One successful action is like one drop in the ocean. It doesn’t make much of a difference.

Practice discipline to see real results. 


This really should have been number one on the list.

Once you have figured out what your purpose is, beyond money or material things, the rest of these tools fall into place.

5A Massive Action Plan

What are the exact steps you need to take to build your empire? Do you know?

It is hard to achieve a goal with no definite plan of action or estimate of how much work it will take.

Make your plan and work it!


This is different from awareness. Here you are actually taking note of how people around act or conduct themselves.

These things give you a clue to whether they are reliable enough to help you fulfill your purpose. 

7Your Personal Code of Conduct

Having a personal code of conduct is not just for the benefit of others. It is for yourself.

A code of conduct holds you accountable and reminds you what you stand for. 


In order to build an empire, there will have to be sacrifices.

Late work nights, missed parties, old friends.

You have to be willing to give these up. 


Your counsel can be either professionals or trusted friends and family.

Either way, let them help you in their areas of expertise.

You can’t do this alone! 

10Your Court

While they also may be able to give you counsel, your court are the closest people to you.

You spend the most time with you, so you must select them carefully.

Don’t let there be cracks in the foundation of your empire. 


No one believes in your goals as much as you. You will forever be your strongest ally.

Don’t underestimate this asset. 

12Laugh, Have Fun & Play Games

All work and no play is a fast way to giving up.

Take the time to enjoy success along the way.

Isn’t that why we’re doing this? 

Finally, these 12 assets are accessible to everyone to some degree.

The choice is yours to what extent you go after them and utilize them. 

For more must-know empire-building tools, join my Build an Empire Mastermind — Design Your Life.

Make the most of your tools,

Elena Cardone  

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Elena Cardone
Elena Cardone started her career in Hollywood and soon became a successful actress and model of TV and film fame. A lifelong competitive sport shooter, and now author, businesswoman, empire builder, event producer, mentor, public speaker, trainer, and visionary. She is the author of the best-selling book “Build an Empire: How to Have it All”. She has inspired a legion of followers to create their own empires – lives that are truly fulfilling and beyond the average. She counts her current job as her most important one – Chief Family Officer, where she is a loving mother, fierce wife, and loyal friend.


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