I was once delivering a live stream to almost twenty thousand people on mistakes I made that cost me millions of dollars when my then 6-year-old daughter Sabrina walked in and asked a question about the middle class. She had heard me say the word “middle class” as I was talking and she interrupted saying that she had no idea what that word even meant. Do you know what the middle class really is? You’ve heard the term probably thousands of times. How would you define the middle class?

By income?

Depending on the size of your household, you could be making anywhere between $40,000 to $100,000 in many areas and be considered right in the middle of the middle class. Different websites will tell you different numbers for what can be defined as the “middle class”, but let’s keep things simple. It’s not rocket science. If you make more than whom you consider poor yet you’re far behind those you consider rich, then you are self-prescribed middle class.

By lifestyle?

Those that have a house are widely considered middle class—ideally with a white picket fence. You are able to take one vacation a year (staying at the Holiday Inn—not the Ritz) and have a car, health insurance, and just enough left over for groceries. In short, you have just enough to be “comfortable”. This may even include providing a college education for the kids and a 401K! Let’s continue to keep this easy—if you don’t live in the ghetto, yet your house sits far from the gates of Beverly Hills, then you likely are middle class.

By how you think?

Not concentrating on what you make, or what you have, the middle class can really be defined as the idea that you only need enough to be “comfortable” or “adequately satisfied”. It’s a state of mind that convinces you to settle instead of strive for abundance. There are millionaires who have been brainwashed into the middle-class way of thinking and goal setting. If you have any thought that getting rich is unnecessary, that you just want to be happy, that money won’t make you happy—then you have a middle-class mindset.   Whether you want to define the middle class by income, lifestyle, or mindset—or all 3—my daughter Sabrina came to me with a better definition. It is easy to remember and captures both income, lifestyle, and mindset together. Sabrina: “Dad, what does middle class mean?”  Me: “It means right in the middle of things. There are people over here that are poor, other people over here that are rich, and then people who are in the middle” Sabrina: “Rich People That Are Poor?” Me: “Yes, exactly right!” What are people in the middle? They aren’t poor poor, but they aren’t rich either. My daughter’s definition of the middle class needs to be in all the textbooks:

The Middle Class: Rich People That Are Poor.

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