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Ever struggling to stay focused on what you need to do?

You’re not alone. Lots of people do.

That’s why in today’s issue, I thought I’d share with you the three things that I do every day to stay focused.

Maybe they’ll help you as much as they help me.

Let’s dive right in…

Number one, I need meaningful goals. 

Not realistic goals. 

You need to set meaningful, game-changing goals.

Nothing’s going to keep your focus if it’s not meaningful, right?

If your goal is to get ten dollars and I just hand them to you, that’s not meaningful enough.

If it’s a hundred dollars, it’s still not meaningful.

Most people would say there’s not a whole lot you could do with a hundred bucks…

And I’d agree with them.

But what if the goal was $100 million?

That would be meaningful.

It would be game-changing… even life-changing.

Sure, it might seem impossible at first.

But if I showed you how you could get a hundred million dollars legally in your lifetime…

Then it becomes meaningful.

And if the payoff is big enough… meaningful enough… and significant enough…

Then you’ll feel more motivated to pursue it.

This is why a lot of people give up on their goals. 

Because they’re not meaningful. They’re not significant. There’s no life-changing payoff from achieving the goal.

So number one, the goal has to be meaningful, significant, and literally life-changing.

Number two, you’ve got to have daily targets. 

Every day I walk into my office with a target in mind. 

I use a planner that looks like a notebook. When I open it up, I see two sheets of paper.

I list my goals and targets on the right-hand side of the page.

I write down these big, ridiculous targets… 

Like getting a brand-new helicopter. 

I can picture it in my head. 8-passenger seating. Black exterior with the 10X logo on it.

Another big target…  Ten billion dollars’ worth of real estate.

All this ridiculous stuff goes here.

I might not hit any of these targets this year.

And that’s okay.

Because I need a daily target.

I need to know what has to happen today that I can measure in order to stay focused on my goals tomorrow, next week, and next month.

Look, when you’re recovering from drug addiction, you focus on handling it one day at a time.

Handle today first… then worry about tomorrow or next week. 

You do it to stay focused.

The same approach works with daily targets too.

Focus on today’s daily target. 

Next, the third thing you need to do is take responsibility

Having an obligation to someone else means I need to publicly tell people, “This is what I’m up to.”

For example, it’s not enough to say I’m not going to eat meat for seven days. 

I need somebody to hold me accountable to doing it.

I need somebody to say, “Hey Grant, this is your obligation and this is your commitment.” 

This last step is easy to blow off. 

But sticking to it makes a big difference.

I like to remind myself…

I need to have an obligation. 

And I need to be held accountable. 

I need a team that says, “Hey, this is Grant’s plan this week.”

This is what works for me.

If I can stay focused long enough to accomplish one goal… 

Then I can stay focused to accomplish any goal. 

And if I can do this…

So can you.

When it comes to setting big targets and goals… 

Coming up with a daily plan… 

And finding people to hold you accountable…

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better source for all three of these needs than our biggest event of the year, 10X Growth Conference.

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But I pulled some strings on your behalf.


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You’ll be able to start gathering the information and resources we share to form your own focused, daily targets that you share with other like-minded and highly motivated people.

Don’t wait. Grab your virtual ticket today.

Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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