Should you be working today?

labor day

As you may know, it’s Labor Day in America – and in other countries as well.

Which raises the question…

Should You Be Working on Labor Day?

And my answer is… that depends.  

Have you earned a rest?  Or are you falling behind and need this day to hustle?

Only you can answer that.

But I can tell you, when I’m short of hitting my goals, I don’t take days off.  

Instead I use days like today to stay ahead of my competition.

You see, at this point in my life, I can take today off if I want to.  I’ve earned it.

But you may not be there yet.  So, if you’re not where you want to be, you should be doing your best to sneak in some work time today.

And if you need to step up your closing game…

I’ve got some labor right here for you.

Make sure you read the Secrets to Closing the Sale series I’ve been writing for you all week.

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This is a master series in closing.  And we ain’t done yet.

Keeping it real…

– Grant “Master Closer” Cardone

P.S. – Have you grabbed your GrowthCon tickets yet?


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