Biggest Boss Rick Ross has been criticized time and time again for his extensive car collection — and the money he spends for it. But now he claps back at doubters with the latest deal he secured.

Haters are going to hate while the obsessed are going to create.

This is exactly what former 10X Growth Conference performer Rick Ross demonstrated with a 10X move in the car world.

While people would tell him he “buys too many cars”, Rozay now laughs all the way to the bank as his investments pay off.

Rick Ross’ car collection lands him $100k sponsorship from ‘huge brand’

Throughout years of “everyday hustlin'”, the music mogul has built one of the largest auto collections in the rap game. He reportedly owns more than 100 cars, from vintage gems to the latest whips.

Now, Ross is ready to present his collection as part of Promise Land, the first in a series of annual car and bike shows hosted at his Georgia estate.

Rick Ross car show poster

Shortly after sharing the poster online, Rozay already secured a $100,000 offer from an unnamed company to support the show.

He went to Instagram Stories to share the news and provide some 10X motivation in the process:

Never let nobody dictate your desires.

I remember it was at one point they used to say, ‘Rozay, why would you buy so many cars?’ You don’t have my vision.

Now I’m finna put a successful car show together. By the time I’m on my third one, I will have made all the money I spent on cars and profit.

— Rick Ross via Instagram Stories

So, what’s the key takeaway here?

Let the haters hate while you take massive action to achieve massive success, wealth, and your wildest dreams.

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