People always ask me, “Brandon, how do you reduce employee turnover?”

Well, you have to start by hiring the right people. Once those key workers are on your team, then you think about how to retain them and reduce employee turnover rate. 

The truth is that the right ones won’t leave. And if you have the right people in the right jobs, you’ll start to notice that your turnover rate drops significantly.


First off, you want to paint a clear picture of where your business is going. This should also include how your team will win alongside you if you meet the company’s goal. 

You see, everyone wants to win. And those that say they don’t, leave them. That’s a clear indication of someone who won’t do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, let alone those of the business. 

If you’re able to show how you’re going to share that success with your team, they’ll be more inclined to go all in, for the better of the company. 


Even if they’re not in sales, every employee should have access to an incentives program. This allows anyone on your team — regardless of department — to reap the benefits of their hard work

You want to show your team that you’re aware, you care, and you want to see them grow and achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals. 


Bringing on new co-workers that add to the team and help out in different ways is a game-changer. 

And listen, the number one productivity killer is stagnation. If your team is stuck, they’re not inspired and their productivity will start to decline. 

But bringing in new team members that help with new ideas will be the catalyst in keeping things fresh and moving within your company. 

And I’m not just saying “bring on anyone and everyone.” I mean bring on the right people. Add people that are going to provide better insight and assistance to your growing team.

As you know, your team is your direct ticket to success.

To reduce employee turnover for good, it’s critical to align your team members with your company’s vision and mission.

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