One thing I know for sure, successful leaders consistently step outside of themselves in order to create more opportunities and achieve even greater levels of success. 

It’s part of the leadership evolution. You evolve to higher levels, and as a result, higher ways of thinking. Being open-minded keeps you alert, it keeps you intuitive and allows you to acknowledge when you might have been wrong

You need to be okay with being wrong sometimes

When I say “have an open mind” I mean open to all of the possibilities, including the possibility that they might be wrong. 

Being open to your own mistakes as a requirement might come as a surprise to some of you, but it really is an essential part of creating continued success for yourself and your business. We do things the same way, when we approach a new situation, simply because it worked the last time. Our egos can distract us from seeing the truth of our circumstances.

Side note: This is why it’s important to have people in your business that are not only doing what you taught them to do but are making it better

If you’re struggling to reach the next level of success with your team, your business, or with yourself (or maybe even all three), then I’d suggest you take a step back and evaluate the landscape of your reality. 

Are you asking yourself the right questions?

Successful leaders and great businesses never rest on their laurels. Their lives are a constant state of self-evaluation as they seek unexposed angles, expand their outlook, broaden their network, and apply new perspectives to their day-to-day.

You need to ask yourself the tough questions. You need to be asking yourself if you’re approaching a situation from the wrong angle, or if you have the right people in the right seats. Are you spending time with the wrong people and focusing on the wrong things?

A lot of people don’t talk about the treadmill of success and achievement. Once you become successful, the treadmill doesn’t stop. You have to keep running to continuously achieve and to outperform your prior success unless you want to get off the treadmill altogether. 

Practice what Jim Collins calls “productive paranoia” and you’ll never stop growing because you’ll finally understand that success is a process and not an event. You didn’t just “become” successful. You have had a moment of success. 

Open your life to more moments of success by staying open-minded, asking the right questions, evaluating the situation from multiple angles, and surrounding yourself with the right influences. 

Being open-minded means knowing what’s possible

You’re in complete control of evaluating your actions. You’re in complete control of being honest with yourself about every choice you made to create the outcome that you did. 

This is a growth mindset because it takes the emotion and fear out of the equation so that you can focus, without distraction, on manifesting the outcomes you’ve decided you want to achieve.

A moment of success is easily achievable. A life of continued success requires a whole different level of resilience. Do you have it in you?

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