New Instagram Feature

Social media is so deeply entrenched in our everyday lives that not much gets people excited. But recently, a tweet that leaked the possibility of a new Instagram feature has everyone talking. This is what could be on the horizon for the platform… 

Before we get into what we know about what IG is developing, who made this viral tweet and why should we trust them…  

Who Spilled Info on New Instagram Feature?

The man who posted the screenshots of the alleged new Instagram feature is mobile developer, Alessandro Paluzzi


Paluzzi was the first to drop information on the Twitter co-author feature as well as other social media advancements. So, the world paid attention when he posted these images to Twitter on June 5th… 

From these screenshots, it looks like IG has a chatbot in the works for their messaging system. 

Allesandro Paluzzi described the new Instagram chatbot feature further in the post’s caption as being able to: 

  • Answer questions
  • Give advice
  • Has 30 “personalities” to choose from

Our collective fascination with artificial intelligence has many intrigued by this news. But, it will be a huge accomplishment if Instagram pulls it off for a couple of reasons… 

What This Milestone Means — If It Happens 

Most importantly, Instagram will be the first social media platform to successfully integrate AI


An attempt by Snapchat to roll out a chatbot earlier this year resulted in an onslaught of negative reviews and feedback. So, pressure is on Meta to get it right. 

That being said, Instagram has made no official statement on the new feature’s development or release date. 

Until then, we’re on our own in the DMs. 

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