Money Red Flags

You cannot make mistakes when managing money. In days like today, even the simplest of mistakes could lead to you falling out of the hustle. So, you might ask, what exactly are the red flags about money you need to look for to ensure your grind game stays consistent? 

You’re COMPLETELY Oblivious  

It is up to you to make your dreams come true. This starts with overcoming tough situations and having expert skills in pre-planning. Unfortunately, many of us never learned the basics of how money works.

However, you can’t plan for things you refuse to confront. The inability to look at finances honestly is a major red flag when it comes to money. With that in mind, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Are you aware of everything you’re spending? 
  • Are you letting debt build up over time? 
  • Are you putting money aside to invest? 

For some of you, answering these questions will hit you with some harsh reality. But, nothing will be done without a substantial amount of confidence behind every financial decision you make.  

That starts with acknowledging where you’re at.

You’re Disorganized

These may be one of the biggest money red flags out there.

Cash is a critical tool to get where you need to go, isn’t it?

You should always know what is going on in those bank accounts. You should have an eagle’s eye on every dollar going in and out. No excuses. 

 Put systems in place, so you know where and who’s got your money.

You Don’t Connect, Connect, Connect! 

Surround yourself with people that will inspire you to continue your greatness journey. People that waste time, are not chasing valuable goals and use excuses to not take steps to financial prosperity are not worth it. 

They bring red flags of their own — let alone, money problems.

Make an effort to strive for success every day. Trust me, it will show in your quality of life, and especially will show in the quality of the money. 

Be Great 

Grant Cardone 

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