I believe that everyone can — and should — do more. That is the only way that you will reach your potential. However, learning how to maintain laser focus while taking on massive amounts of action can be a challenge. 

Taking it slow or one step at a time isn’t the solution either. That kills your motivation and is the long way. The ones who make it big on this planet are the ones who do more with the time they have. 

Therefore, the problem that you can run into is that more action means more randomity. So, what do you do?

In this article, I am going to share with you how to keep your eye on the prize. 

Are your goals even worth laser focus?

First, your goals have to be meaningful

If they aren’t, your focus will start to drift to other things. That is when people start scrolling social media or watching too much TV.

“Reasonable” goals are the enemy to maintain laser focus. 

Create big goals that are so massive they could change your life. Then, you’ll stay focused on them. 

Laser focus needs targets

Once you have these goals, you have to set daily targets.

A lot of people think these daily targets are goals, which is probably why they don’t get too far. The two are different. 

Daily targets are tasks you want to achieve that day. 

Targets are the steps towards the goal.

Hit those, and you’ll move forward with focus. 

There is no such thing as too much obligation

Finally, the last step to maintaining laser focus is to have many obligations every day. 

This isn’t just to keep you busy. It forces you to make things happen. 

No one wants to let anyone else down.

Obligations keep you accountable.

Having a lot of them forces you to dig deep to get them done. 

In conclusion, these three things are all you need to maintain laser focus.

When I have something I want to do that is backed by a purpose, nothing can keep me from working at it until it’s done. 

Use these tips to stay focused and be great,

Grant Cardone  


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