How to Turn Your Life Around

turn your life around

Hey Grant here. Hope you’re doing well.  

I just want to tell you – no matter where you are today in your life, I promise you no matter how hard it is… how difficult it is… how tough your life seems to be right now… you really can go anywhere you want in life. 

I know when it’s tough… when it’s crazy… when you don’t have any money… when maybe you have health problems, or family problems, or partner problems… or you’re not finding that right person in your life… 

It all seems like everything is going to break. And you wonder when things are going to go your way.  

When are you going to get a better job… or when is your business going to take off… or when are you going to find a partner…

Look, I’ve been in all these situations. I lost my first five jobs. I grew up in a little town called Lake Charles, Louisiana.  

I always had the idea that I would be somebody. But for the first 25 years of my life, it wasn’t looking like that. Because I was getting worse – not better.

At that time, I never dreamed I’d live in Miami. I didn’t even know where Miami was.  And then I did. I didn’t think I’d end up in Malibu, where I am today. I didn’t think I’d own a jet. I didn’t think I’d own a bunch of companies.  

I never ever thought about any of that stuff – and I couldn’t think about it. Because I didn’t have any role models that had done that kind of stuff.  

Plus, the environment that I lived in was terrible. I had terrible friends. I had terrible advice.  

My dad had died so I didn’t have anybody to kind of mentor me and show me the way. I don’t even know if I’d have listened to him if he had been alive anyway. 

And my life kept getting worse and worse.  

But I had this little thing inside me say, “Hey man, I know I can do something. I know I can.” 

All of us have negative voices.

And we seem to pay attention to those most. But all of us also have another voice in us – one that says, “Hey you know you can do something. You know you can do more than you’re doing right now.” 

The problem is – you can’t figure out HOW to do more. That’s alright. You don’t need to figure out how to do more right now. You need examples of people that have done more. People that have made it and broke out. 

So, if you want to get there, you’ve got to keep giving attention to the little voice that tells you you can do more. 

The second thing I would suggest you do – that I did when I was starting out – is studying people that did more. Not people that said “do less”… not people that said, “be satisfied”…  not people that said, “be grateful for what you have”… 

I started studying people that had done more in their life. People that are actually doing something on this planet to make a difference. 

So, you have to pay attention to that voice and you’ve got to feed it with those that support that idea that you can do more.

My friend Lewis Howes says he has that voice. Daymond John says he has it. My wife, Elena, says she has it too. 

Listen, we all have dreams.

And those dreams come with barriers – with obstacles, difficulties, and setbacks. And if you keep surrounding yourself with people that say the barriers are going to win… that nobody really ever makes it… just be grateful for what you have… If you focus on those voices, you’re going to give up and quit.  

Maybe you’re reading this newsletter for the first time. And maybe you’re thinking, “who is this guy who says I can do better. That I can do more.”

Well, you can Google me. You’ll find me on YouTube with 2.2 million subscribers.  And on Instagram with 4.1 million followers. I’m out there teaching you everything you need to know about business. Everything about startups… sales… customer acquisition… social media… internet marketing… real estate… all of it. I’m doing my best to help everyone do more.

But I didn’t have any of that stuff when I was 25. I didn’t own my first house until I was in my early thirties. And today I own or manage billions in real estate assets.

It all started with the voice in my head that told me I could do more. And surrounding that voice with other voices that all told me I could do more.  

If you want to do more, you should do the same. Just find that voice and surround that voice with other voices that are saying you can do more. And then start hanging around people that are doing more. Read books about people that are doing more.  Listen to audio programs from people that are doing more. 

If you want to learn real estate, study people that are doing real estate – not people that only talk about real estate.  

If you want to be a great public speaker, you can’t just talk to people that are practicing public speaking. You need to go to work with people that are actually getting paid to do public speaking.  

If you want to write a book then spend time with someone who’s actually written and sold a bunch of books.   

It all starts with that voice in your head. You’ve got to pay attention to that voice. To give it life. And then feed it with the right friends, the right books, the right mentors.

No matter how bad things are today, doing this will set you on the right path. Just understand that it’s all part of the learning curve. This is part of your learning process. 

It’s your time. Be who you want to be. Be who you really are. And make those dreams a reality. 

– Grant Cardone


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