Bishop T.D. Jakes at 10X Growth Conference 2022

The second day of 10X Growth Conference 2022 would not have been the same without the massive opening speech from Bishop TD Jakes — special guest at the upcoming Unbreakable Business Challenge.

Senior Pastor of a 30,000-member church. Author of dozens of bestselling books. Award-winning music label leader. T.D. Jakes is a legend who instantly won the hearts of the 10X audience when he stepped on stage.

Wisdom, knowledge, and motivation were just a handful of the countless highlights of the Bishop’s speech. At the Diplomat Beach Resort, attendees were continually on their feet, applauding and cheering after nearly every sentence he shared.

T.D. Jakes’s moment was so powerful, in fact, that our team has compiled a list of unforgettable quotes from the keynote.

Top Bishop TD Jakes Quotes from 10X Growth Conference 2022

1“If I can see the invisible, I can do the impossible.”

2“You have to feel good enough about yourself so you don’t sabotage your success.”

3“A lot of people won’t hate you until you win.”

4“You stand on the precipice of a mighty transformation, and I came to push you over the edge.”

5“Words create pictures, and I want your picture to be clear.”

6“The greatest part of my career is not my ability to speak, but my ability to listen.”

7“Do not confuse busyness with business.”

It’s easy to see why Bishop T.D. Jakes is celebrated by media outlets like TIME Magazine and CNN for being “America’s Best Preacher.”

Without a doubt, he delivered one of the most moving, empowering, and perspective-shifting keynotes of the entire weekend.

If you missed this edition, you can witness T.D. Jakes’s wisdom LIVE at the Unbreakable Business Challenge.

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