Angry Customers

No matter how long you’ve been in sales, you will have to deal with angry customers. Most salespeople are not trained to deal with unhappy people. As a result, they lose deals that are at the finish line. Here is how you get through those reactions and make the close… 

Understand WHY Customers Get Angry

Before you even get into a situation where you face an upset buyer, understand this… 


The truth is that money is a touchy subject for many people — namely, losing it. That’s why they’ve been composed throughout the sales process until now. 

Once you’re in the close, they are reminded of all the times in the past they spent too much. Or, it’s possible they haven’t been entirely honest during deals. 

Either way, know that is the reason — nothing else. And, don’t leave the negotiating table…. 

NEVER Return to Selling 

There are two non-negotiable rules you need to follow when you’re trying to wrap up a deal

  1. Always be seated while closing. 
  2. Never go back to the product presentation. 

A common mistake I see salespeople making when clients get emotional is they get nervous. Then, they start re-demonstrating the product. This is mostly because they are not solid on the principle we just discussed.  

 This is mostly because they are not solid on the principle of why customers get angry in the first place. So stay calm, seated, and in the close — whatever their temper is.  

Acknowledge Their Feelings 

To begin to handle a prospect who is getting hot under the collar, just follow the number one rule of sales… 


If you start to argue, they will just become more solid in their stance and unresponsive to you. Stay composed and take responsibility for them feeling that way. 

Does this mean that the customer is always right? No. 

 But, you are going to grant that you see their viewpoint. Next, you will use facts to justify your terms. 

Get Angry Customers Out of their Heads with LOGIC

We’ve established angry customers get worked up because of some incident in their past. The key to closing this buyer is to get their attention back on the deal. 


Let’s say a client is giving you a hard time over a $500 difference in price… 

I would get out a pen and paper to outline the proposal. Specifically, I’d start listing the cost of each of the features and how they affect the price. 

Doing this makes sense of your price in a way that the buyer can see. Also, it gives them a chance to remove extras and save face. 

I’ve softened up some of the most stubborn buyers by just putting something logical in front of them. You can do the same. 

Yet, every selling situation is different… 

Have Unbreakable Certainty 

In this article, I have given you just one method for closing angry customers. Ultimately, logic is always the course of action to take. 

However, you need to know many ways to go about it. Additionally, you need to know how to solve more than one of the types of objections a buyer may have. 

That requires a daily training schedule and an arsenal of closing material. This creates certain and predictable results in your sales process. 

Commit to fully mastering sales and nothing will stop you from being successful. 

Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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