The holidays can be either remarkable or rough if you are a salesperson. Customers have a different set of priorities for their spending. Therefore, handling objections smoothly is more important than ever to your success this season. After all, you gotta compete with old Saint Nick — which ain’t easy… 

4 Closes for Handling Holiday Objections

First of all, before I get into overcoming season-specific pushback, I want you to get your head around something… 


Success is dependent on persistence and consistency — no exceptions. Think about the larger-than-life celebrations you can have if you put in the work today.

Another thing to consider is that these buyers are the same people they were the rest of the year. 

This is good news! Because even in a different wrapping, you will only ever be handling four types of objections. 

Check out these examples of strategies from my book, “The Closer’s Survival Guide,” to counter what’re hearing…. 

“The holidays are not the best time to buy anything.” 

As I mentioned earlier, consumers are looking at their cash extra closely this time of year. 

There’s expensive travel to book and kiddies to buy presents for. But, guess what? 


This is the Never the Best Time Close’s time to shine. Here is how the script goes… 

“There is never a ‘best time’ to make this decision as you will always have things going on. Let’s do this now and get it handled for you, so you can start benefiting now. Sign here and here please.” 

Provided you presented the right product and have built enough value, objections about timing are shut down by this close. 

However, most of you want the solution for handling money objections… 

“We are already over budget for the year.” 

At the end of the fourth quarter, individuals and businesses alike are looking at their top versus bottom lines. 

As such, customers are going to bring up budget as a reason not to buy. What they’re really saying is that they feel it’s too expensive… 


The key to handling price objections is to determine if they are legitimate or just a complaint. 

Budget Close II will help you sniff out the truth…  

“And you can probably say that about your credit cards, your car payments, insurance, taxes, groceries, or your heating and electric bills. They all are more than you want them to be, but you still do it. I need your okay here and here.” 

Now, this prospect may actually not be able to afford it. In this case, it is your responsibility as the salesperson to get them financed. 

The next objection that is connected to yuletide spending in general is the buyer wants to bring someone else into the negotiations… 

“I need to talk to my spouse, partner, etc. first.” 

This situation occurs all the time, but it is especially prevalent during the holidays. 

You’re with a buyer and you’ve shown them all the features, advantages, and benefits of your product… 


Whoever this other person is, they are not there. The upside is that this prospect is usually stalling to try and get you to ease the pressure. 

The Unavailable Party Close II may get you the sale without waiting on this mysterious decision maker…

“Does your (unavailable person) approve of your present situation and the cost of it? If nothing changes except for the fact your situation improves, certainly they would support you in improving the situation. Sign here and here.” 

 This close has a multitude of uses in a variety of situations. Add it to your arsenal for handling these kinds of objections. 

“This product does not do/have X.” 

Sometimes, you are in the negotiations, and the person starts finding fault with your offer…

The color is wrong. The terms are unsatisfactory. They want the leather, not the fabric…

You get the picture

Handling product objections can get tricky. It is the natural reaction of the salesperson to believe that they are not on the right product for this client. 

But before going back to your inventory and picking an entirely new product, try the Re-present/Re-Demo Close. 

“Come see — I want to show you how close we are to making the wisest and most enjoyable decision of your life.”  (Then, redemonstrate your product.)

See, the issue here is not product. It’s that they don’t perceive enough value to close. Use this close and make the deal. 

Handling Objections is a Year-Round Hustle

By now, I hope you see that these solutions are adaptable for handling objections during the holidays and beyond.  

The fact of the matter is that the marketplace doesn’t slow down…

Your bills won’t stop coming in… 

And further, you can’t afford to lose any deals. 

The art of sales is the solution to all of those problems and the first step on the road to financial freedom. 

No need to wait for the New Year to get started. 

Be Great,

Grant Cardone 

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