Check out the GCTV team’s collection of Grant Cardone’s best success tips of all time to stay motivated and inspired.

1Make the right choices

“When I was 25, I quit doing weekends the way most people do them. Literally saved me millions of dollars, not to mention the energy and the consequences.

All kinds of bad stuff happens when you’re soaking your body up in alcohol. What happens in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas — it goes with you everywhere you go.”

2Always move up

“Every move you make should bring you to a place where you can go up in life.

If you’re not moving at all, you’re not going up and you’re not going down, you are going down.”

3Give up what no longer serves you

“I’ve made a lot of sacrifices in my life. The first step to success is you giving something up.

My entire life is different today because I continued to give stuff up. At 25, it was drugs. At 29, it was people I outgrew. A year later, it was my location.

All these times when I had to change, I was feeling disappointed in myself. When am I going to become somebody? When am I going to fulfill my potential?

Change is not easy. But staying the same is terrible.”

4Surpass obscurity

“You do not want to compete; you want to dominate a sector. Obscurity is the biggest problem your business has. The problem is that nobody knows you.

First, you have to get attention. Next, you get criticism. You have to go through this door; you can’t get the positive without getting the criticism.

After that, you have to get haters. If nobody hates you, nobody knows you.

Then, you’ll get admiration.”

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