Boxing rockstar, monster investor, and past 10X Growth Conference guest Floyd Mayweather Jr. owns no less than 9 skyscrapers. But what’s the story behind his real estate investing wins?

The richest and highest-paid boxer in the world is also a savvy real estate investor.

‘Money’ Mayweather has invested millions in commercial real estate, with a total of 9 skyscrapers to his name. His +$150 million investment portfolio includes one of the tallest buildings in New York City — the 93-story One Vanderbilt in Midtown Manhattan.

How Floyd Mayweather got into real estate investing

When Mayweather took the stage at 10X Growth Conference 2020, he shared the motivational story of how he became a commercial real estate investor in the first place.

“It started ofF with $5 million. i was getting $50,000 a month every month — for years. so i said okay, if it’s paying off like this and i gave them 7 figures, i’m not gonna even give them 8 figures, i’m gonna give them 9 figures.”

— Floyd Mayweather at 10X Growth Conference

Mayweather also added that real estate was the first investment he ever made, and that he’s building his 10th skyscraper.

There’s no stopping Floyd Mayweather, who proves time and time again that cash flow is king.

Mayweather’s journey to real estate investing domination is just one of the many incredible stories shared at 10X Growth Conference.

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Featured image source: Floyd Mayweather Official Instagram Page


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