Between 10X Growth Conferences, their own YouTube show, and interviews, I can safely say my young daughters are public speakers.

I do believe the parenting style Grant and I have adopted has something to do with it.

One of our goals is to raise confident kids. We encourage our girls to work hard and learn something every day to become the best version of themselves so they can make a difference.

However, I know we can’t take all the credit. 

Sabrina and Scarlett — who are 12 and 10 years old — both have their own opinions on how they can speak in front of thousands of people.

These are my young daughters’ own words on how they became public speakers. 

“Never give up!” — Sabrina, 12 years old

My oldest daughter Sabrina, who is closest to her teenage years at 12, says that public speaking is just like anything else you do.

You have to do it over and over. 

“Even though I wasn’t great at it [public speaking] at first, I just keep practicing. Then one day, I’ll be the greatest public speaker in the world!” 

— Sabrina Cardone on speaking at 10X Growth Conference

Sabrina realizes that you can’t fail at something if you never give up.

Public speaking to her is just like her gymnastics or horseback riding. The more she does it, the more she enjoys it. 

“Confidence is a choice.” — Scarlett Cardone, 10 years old

Next, my 10-year-old Scarlett had had some wisdom beyond her years when it came to how she speaks publicly. 

“I was put in front of a lot of people from a young age. So I thought, ‘Oh, this isn’t scary. This is fun!’ […] People ask me how I’m confident [in front of people], and it’s a choice. I choose to be confident.”

— Scarlett Cardone on confidence and public speaking

She attributes her ability to opportunity and mindset. I am so impressed with her seeing that when she is so young.

Now, while speaking in front of big audiences may not be the case for your kids, I encourage you to apply these principles to whatever they pursue. 

That is how we are going to build strong future generations. 

Choose confidence, never give up, and build an empire,

Elena Cardone  

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  1. It’s only good to see grant an his family on stage I learn alot from his an the girls children must team up wit us as father so that they can learn in this business of making money its only good to see the future doing good thing wit us bt most important education 1ste god bless I really like to come an work for u if there is any opening let me now please