Look, if you own a business, you need to know what its core pillars are. Every single one of your departments needs to work together for the growth of the company. 

Here’s an example to bring this idea to life.

Back in the early 2000s, I had the incredible opportunity of sitting next to a NASA astronaut on one of my flights, and we struck up a conversation.

But what I didn’t know before I spoke a word to this man was that 1) he’s a retired astronaut, and 2) the way I viewed business was about to be changed — forever. 

The gentleman went on to explain just how NASA operates — how every single department works in unison and in communication in order to complete one single mission. This conversation alone set the framework for how I view the core pillars in business. 

You see, without ground control doing their job, the engineering team doesn’t know what to tell the astronauts in space. Then, without the engineering team doing their job, the other teams struggle, and so on. 

You need every single department and employee working together for the greater good of the mission. 

And that’s exactly what you need to do in business, too. 

The 4 Core Pillars of Business


The Operations pillar is where products and services live. Here is where you will find data and infrastructure for operating your business. 

However, without the next pillars, you will fail to keep the doors open. So, it’s essential that Operations works hand in hand with the other departments to ensure that 1) the marketing is working, 2) you’re billing and receiving, and 3) people are doing their jobs. 


Next up, Marketing and Sales are how you’re going to bring money into the business.

Essentially, this pillar is how you promote your business and ensure your brand message is properly communicated to the world and prospective clients. 

But without finance — without money being brought in and used for promoting your business — you have no business. And without people, it gets even harder. 


We have a rule at Cardone Ventures, that we don’t call it “finance”, we call it “FUNance”. Without pristine financials in place for your business, you will struggle to grow.

Finance should be working with Marketing/Sales to ensure that budgets are aligned and targets are being met. Additionally, Finance needs to work with Operations to make sure that you have enough to support the growth of the business.  


Arguably the most important pillar of all is People. And that’s because businesses don’t move people — people move businesses.

It’s with people that you’re able to grow, scale, and achieve the mission and vision of your business. 

Aligning your team, building solid leadership, and taking the time to develop your employees will be the glue that holds all the other pillars together. 

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