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A few years ago I was speaking at a seminar in Miami, and I stunned the room into silence when I told them I thought $400k/year wasn’t enough.

This was after I asked the room what they thought a good annual income looked like…

And a guy raised his hand in the air and said, “$400k/year.”

Here was my exact reply…

“OK, now why did we come up with that number? ‘Cause I don’t know how you guys can even live on that number.  

Four hundred grand… how do you make sense of $35,000 a month? You guys haven’t done the math.  You have not done the math… because you cannot live on four hundred grand a year.”

The room sure went quiet right after I said that — I’ll tell you that much.

But all I was doing was proving a point.

I wanted everyone in that room to start thinking BIGGER…

And I want YOU to start thinking bigger, too.

I want you to start putting an extra zero on things.

Start thinking up bigger and badder income goals to hit.

Because, believe me…

The money is out there.

If you want to make $4 million in a year, instead of $400k…

Then first you have to believe it’s possible.

Does $4 million exist on this planet?

Of course it does.

You just need to go find some people who have your $4 million and you need to have the creativity to get it from them.  To simply collect it.

But there is ONE thing that will block your creativity, though…

Something that will throw a real wrench into the works.

Want to know what that one roadblock is?

It’s a lack of commitment.

You see, by committing to your goal…

And by committing to your efforts…

You’ll unlock the creativity you need to achieve the kind of income you’ve previously only dreamed of.

So here’s a commitment for you to undertake today…

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That’s commitment.

At this exclusive event, you’ll meet other entrepreneurs who are committed, just like you…

And with all those committed, ambitious entrepreneurs filling up one room, I guarantee you some serious creativity is going to get sparked.

And now you know what follows creativity…

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You won’t regret this commitment.

Keeping it real,

Grant Cardone

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