Holiday Perfectionism Illustration

At this time of year, you might feel like your to-do list is expanding daily and you’re falling into holiday perfectionism.  And for good reason.

More often than not…

Women pick up the lion’s share of holiday preparations.  For a moment, picture these scenes which happen to many women…

It’s 10 days before Christmas.  You’re missing over half the gifts you need for friends and family.  

You visit the grocery store.  They tell you they’re all out of turkey (and so is every other store in your area).  

A teacher calls with bad news.  Your child got sick and must stay home for the next 3 days. 

Your friend is hosting a wreath-making workshop.  She’s counting on you to join her… but you don’t have a minute to spare.

If one of these events (or similar) hasn’t happened to you… you can count yourself lucky.

I once saw a study that said over 40% of people get stressed with holiday perfectionism. 

We’re told the holidays bring us joy.  And yet, only 8% of people report feeling happier at this time of year!

Not only that…

Stats show people complete 30-40% less work during the holiday season.

That’s a big reduction in productivity! 

I don’t know about you…

But I can’t afford to lose productivity when I’m building an empire – not even during the holidays.

Neither can my husband, Grant.

Which is why we’ve created ways to intermingle business with pleasure.  In other words, we multi-task during holiday activities. 

For example…

If we’re heading on Christmas vacation, we’ll likely invite a few business associates to join us. 

Or if we plan a holiday dinner party, we curate our guestlist carefully.  We invite those we can have fun with… and do business with at the same time.

We also understand one important thing. 

When you’re playing at bigger levels, work never really shuts off.  It means phone calls and emails may come up during family time.

And that’s OK. 

A lot of people might disagree with our approach.  They might think we’re prioritizing business over creating magical memories for our kids. 

But let me ask you this.

What type of womanhood do you want to model for your kids and your community? 

Do you want your kids to grow up running around for others… while sacrificing their own fulfillment and sense of purpose? 

Do you want to feed the holiday perfectionism myth that drags women down at this time of year? 

Or do you want your holiday season to align with your values, your mission, and your purpose? 

Someone once told me her holiday goal was to connect deeply with her family.

This is a great goal.  Only trouble was…

This person spent all day long in the kitchen.  It meant she could hear her family connecting in the other room… while she felt like an outsider.

Why did she choose to spend Christmas this way?  Because she felt compelled to make the holidays “perfect” for everyone else. 

The good news is, if your holidays have been this way in the past, they don’t have to stay that way.

You just have to make a conscious choice to align your holiday actions with your longer term values and purpose.

You can start by saying “no” to small invitations that don’t serve your mission.  

Over time, you can create your holiday season YOUR way.

I know it’s hard.  And I understand the weight of expectation you’re likely experiencing right now.

But you have a choice to align every area of your life with your higher purpose. 

You’ll thank yourself when you do.

Build an empire,

Elena Cardone 

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