For our final Women’s History Month 10X Ladies profile, I am featuring Barbara Majeski. She is both a colon cancer survivor and television anchor for hit shows such as The Today Show.

Barbara’s story is an amazing example of how — no matter your circumstances — it’s never too late to make your dreams come true. This is how TV host Barbara Majeski 10X-ed her second chance to be who she was always meant to be. 

Daytime TV over dolls

Even as a child growing up in Princeton, New Jersey, Barbara Majeski loved daytime television. She would pretend to be a member of the Regis and Kathy Lee Show while other girls her age were playing with Barbies.

Despite her obvious passion for broadcasting, she felt that show business was for everyone but her. 

“I was overweight with crooked teeth that made me talk funny… I even had a unibrow. If this was a movie, I would have been cast as the ‘ugly best friend.”

— Barbara Majeski describing those awkward years

Then, several events occurred that caused Majeski to start coming out of her shell. 

A late bloomer 

While Barbara was in college, she did two major things. She had her teeth fixed, which helped her speaking voice and confidence, and she started studying health and fitness.

Majeski admits there was a gap between knowing what she should do to be more physically fit and actually doing it. But she made it happen. 

Barbara started reading self-help books in her late 20s as well. Her self-esteem and health were thriving, but it would be another decade until she pursued her desire to become a TV host.

It wasn’t until her life was on the line that she made 10X changes. 

10X-ing Barbara Majeski’s Second Chance

2015 was undoubtedly a hard year for Barbara Majeski.

Her marriage was on the rocks, and it ultimately ended in divorce. Also, it was the year she was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer.

With all of this happening at once, Barbara wasn’t sure she was going to make it. 

She started reflecting on her whole life and thinking about what she wanted her kids to remember her for — when she observed something. Barbara realized that she had so much more she wanted to accomplish. 

“I swore at that moment that if I made it [through chemotherapy], I would never play small again.” 

After she beat cancer, Barbara sold her wedding ring and hired a media trainer. She booked her first appearance on The Today Show shortly after. The rest is history. 

TV host Barbara Majeski 10X-ed her second chance in a huge way. She is an inspiring example of that you can do and have it all no matter where you are in life. Her discipline and determination are incredible. 

Build an Empire,

Elena Cardone

Featured image source: Barbara Majeski Official Website

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