Cardone Enterprises and CILA Labs are thrilled to announce the launch of their newest tech partnership and company, the 10X Incubator.

Jared Yellin has quite a track record in tech as a non-techy tech entrepreneur. In his first tech venture, he outsourced software development. After nearly two years and $2 million invested, Jared had to scrap the project and start over.

This experience became his driving force to “do tech right” by creating radical transparency and co-foundership with tech entrepreneurs. This led to successfully launching a tech incubator that deployed over 60 tech companies in its first year.

After a decade of being in the tech industry, Jared realized that go-to-market and business development is the make-or-break of a great idea. You can’t be the best-kept secret and change the world. Jared committed to finding the ideal partner to take his already successful incubator to the next level.

Welcome, Grant Cardone to the story!

The single most important aspect of deciding on a partner was the character of the human. A match made in Heaven was born when Jared and Grant met. But this was NOT only because of Grant’s extraordinary skills and incredible community…it was more profound than that.

When Jared went to Grant’s office, Jared spoke with the security guard for 10-minutes prior to his meeting. This gentleman went on to say how much Grant changed his life because he cares. His ability to listen, challenge and help people see their greatness is what has allowed Grant to become successful.

And THIS story along with how Grant speaks about his family is THE reason why Jared said…“Let’s rock!”

It’s fair to say that Grant will go down as one of the greatest promoters in history and has built empires in real estate, sales training, publishing, consulting, and more but the one area where he was non-existent was in the world of tech.

10X Incubator is the ultimate synergy and a company that will forever change tech by giving the everyday person a fighting chance to become a tech entrepreneur.

Just imagine being able to Co-Found a Tech Company with Grant Cardone, Jared Yellin, and the entire 10X Incubator Dream Team…

All that you need is an IDEA and the willingness to go ALL-IN so that we can Co-Found a tech company together.

Are you ready? Stay connected and if you are ready submit your idea today!


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