Take Responsibility

Did you know that a jet from New York to San Francisco spends 90% of the trip off course… 

But still lands in the right place at close to the right time?

It’s a fascinating piece of trivia…

But do you want to know what YOU can take from it, as an entrepreneur?

It means successful entrepreneurship is largely a matter of course correction.

And I can tell you from personal experience…

When you take full responsibility for what’s already happened, course correction becomes much easier. 

Leave the blame game to the losers. 

DON’T allow this recession to be an excuse.

You can have success, or you can have excuses. You can’t have both.

This recession is happening.  It may have already had a negative impact on your business, your goals, your dreams.

Are you going to cry about it?  Or are you going to take responsibility and correct course?

Take the pandemic shutdowns, for example…

They were devastating to a large number of businesses, not to mention our entire economy

It was easy to say, “Well, the government said we can’t open, so I guess that’s that.”

And that’s exactly what many businesses did.

But there were others who took responsibility for their own environment…

Because these business owners were 100% committed to their success.

They chose to look at what was possible instead of focusing on what they couldn’t do. 

Not every business owner made the same decision, but the ones at the top of their game evaluated the situation and then made FAST decisions.

In some cases, they doubled down and expanded their core services, seeking to gain ground. 

And in other cases, they created entirely new income streams

In any case, they proceeded with courage. 

Were they responsible for the pandemic and the government’s heavy-handed reaction? 


But they were responsible for their business’s condition going into 2020, and they were responsible for how they responded.

There will always be another crisis, another challenge, another unexpected occurrence. 

The reason why successful people seem lucky is that they quit making excuses and took action instead.  

Successful people take so much action their success becomes an inevitability.

And I want YOUR success to be inevitable.

Are you willing to take action?

Be Great,

Grant Cardone

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