Goals are like the sails of our boat. Click here for more: http://partem.me/ Without goals we are like a rudderless boat. Goals has an impact on all aspects of your life. Author Jamie McIntyre says “If you write goals everyday you are a millionaire. If you write your goals twice a day you are a billionaire.” Why are goals important?
  1. Goals give is a reason to propel forward.
  2. Goals are the milestones towards our vision
  3. Goals give us direction
  4. Goals keep us focused
  5. Goals hold un accountable
The funny part is almost all of us know the importance of goal setting. Then why don’t we act by allocating come time for ourselves to set goals? 83% if the people int his world don’t have goals at all. 14% have their goals in their head and are not written down. 3% have their goals written down. And guess what,the 3% earn 10 times more than the remaining 97%.
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