How to get what’s coming to you

coming to you

Fellow 10X’er…

They say the early bird gets the worm.

But they also say “the second mouse gets the cheese.”

And when it comes to business, there’s truth in that.

Take the average small business owner… Who’s like the “first mouse”…

They stick their neck on the lines – only to become a slave to their business.  They’re gone from their family day and night.  And they take home little or nothing to show for it.

Meanwhile, their early employees are like the “second mouse” who gets the cheese…

They’re often paid more than the boss… get more time off than the boss…  and lead a more balanced life than the boss.

So, let me ask you…

In that scenario, who would you rather be?

The second mouse, right?

Listen, I’m NOT saying don’t start a business.

A successful business can be a shortcut to income and wealth for you.

What I’m saying is that not everyone is cut out to run a business.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get rich!

If you’ve decided to continue working for someone else… then do it the right way.

Become so valuable to the company they’d be crazy to let you go.  

Leverage your skills to get bigger and bigger raises and performance bonuses as time goes on.

How do you know when you’ve done it right?

You know you’ve done it right when the boss’s hand shakes every time he writes your check.

Want help?

There’s still time to register for my upcoming training where we teach you exactly how to do this.

Time is running out though, so please do it now.

10X, every day.

– Grant

P.S. – If you’re already in business for yourself… and not getting the results you want… don’t give up.

Last week I heard from one of our Cardone U members.  

When he first came to us, he was doing $1m a year in revenue – and losing money.  

But after applying what we taught him, he turned it all around.  He told me he is on track for $400K months – with strong margins.


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