The movie, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” has become a holiday classic. As such, Charlie Brown’s pet dog, Snoopy, always gets extra attention this time of year. However, that can’t explain the massive demand for the Peanuts character in a puffer jacket. This article seeks to determine why Snoopy’s gone viral… 

Why is Puffer Jacket Snoopy Special? 

As we mentioned, the famous beagle has become a part of Americans’ winter traditions. 

After all, Snoopy has his own float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that kicks off the season. In short, his image is familiar and comforting for those who grew up seeing him.

To possibly leverage nostalgia, CVS released a $15 stuffed animal of the character in a fluffy, blue jacket…


“Puffer Jacket Snoopy” was appearing all over social media like TikTok and Twitter with people fawning over the doll. As a result, CVS has completely sold out of the toy online…

Now, the cozy-looking beagle is being sold for five times the original price on websites like eBay. Not only are consumers buying them at astronomical prices, but they are also paying tribute to him in other ways. 

Namely, translating the adorable image into other mediums…

Clearly, the concepts of supply and demand are at play here. Nonetheless, this is not the first time Snoopy has been top dog…. 

Does This Toy Live Up to the Hype?

Charlie Brown’s loyal companion seems to evoke something in the public. Further evidence of this is that the Build-A-Bear Snoopy doll also sold out quickly. 

So, as to whether the Puffer Jacket Snoopy is worth nearly $100, that comes down to who you ask… 

Ultimately, it seems that the character makes people feel good. And as Grant says, “People will always pay more to feel good than something they need.” 

If Snoopy makes you happy, we aren’t the ones to judge. 

Be Great,

GCTV Staff

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