Unbreakable Revenue Day

Yesterday, I hosted the Unbreakable Revenue Day live stream with 8 of the biggest names in online business – and it was 100% free.

The live stream rounded out an amazing week of our Unbreakable Business Challenge. It was all about tactics for getting more leads, more customers, more profits, and more streams of income.

If you missed it, I’m going to dedicate this article to giving you the event notes. 

Here’s the Bonus Unbreakable Revenue Day recap… 

1:12 PM: Pete Vargas opened the bonus day by congratulating 10 attendees who each won $1,000 in cash, as well as the winner of the all-expenses paid trip to 10X Growth Conference 2023, Don G.

1:23 PM: Pete recapped The 5 Pillars of my Unbreakable Business System — Money & Mindset, Marketing, Sales, Communication, Scale & Leadership.

1:30 PM: I took the stage to show the importance of 1. Speed, 2. Execution, 3. Adaptability in your business. 

I explained how you cannot settle for average, which is why you should always be pursuing the next new version of yourself to reach success.

I shared my own personal experience overcoming drug addiction – and how I began investing in myself right after getting out of a treatment center. You need to set goals big enough to change the quality of your life.

2:18 PM: Pete returned to announce MORE bonuses added to the Unbreakable Business System. All the speakers involved in the Unbreakable Revenue Day live stream agreed to give away free access to their own personal masterclasses to anyone who signs up for my Unbreakable Business System.  

2:22 PM: Pete introduced Shanda Sumpter to the stage to teach attendees about Building Lists and Stacking Events.

Shanda spoke about the power of AI for business owners who struggle with marketing and communication.

Shanda revealed a series of highly effective list-building and stacking tactics, such as:

  • Always over-communicate and assume nobody sees your email the first time around.
  • Send at least 4-5 emails per day, especially at night so recipients see them first thing in the morning.
  • Combine email marketing with text message marketing.
  • Stack 3 events every month:
    • One-day interview series with 15-21 interviews to build your list
    • 3-hour workshop on Zoom in which you sell something at the end
    • Bonus event to sell, such as a 3-day virtual event

3:07 PM: Pete Vargas introduced Stormy Wellington to speak about monetizing social media.

Stormy spoke about using Instagram as her preferred marketing medium for business, based on her experience with building a 1.4+ million following that’s generated $50+ million in revenue.

Stormy’s Instagram insights included:

  • Identify what you want people to feel when they find you on social media.
  • People like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. So, don’t be afraid to show your true self on social media — trials, tribulations, and all.
  • Identify your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and promote it in 6-7 posts/day.
  • Follow the motto: Facts tell, stories SELL. Ensure your social media posts tell good stories.

3:42: Pete introduced Natalie Dawson to speak about people, culture, and leadership essentials in the workplace.

Natalie opened with statistics showing a staggering 51% of employees are disengaged and 17% are actively disengaged. 

She revealed the 5 major causes of employee disengagement:

  • Lack of role clarity
  • Lack of recognition
  • No feedback
  • Unclear organizational purpose
  • Lack of team results

Natalie’s solution is the Employee Engagement Equation:

  1. Attract
  2. Develop
  3. Transition

4:13 PM: Pete introduced Marcus Barney to the 10X Classroom to speak about the power of virtual and in-person events.

In Marcus’s event-focused training, Marcus shared some marketing gold:

  • How can you think outside of the box and be creative with the way you monetize events?
  • What call-to-action can you use to get people to your event?
  • How can you work with affiliates, ambassadors, or partners for event marketing?
  • What can you give away to help people while promoting your event at the same time?

4:44 PM: Pete Vargas took attendees on a full virtual tour of our 10X Headquarters in Miami. He went on to showcase how we are putting all 5 pillars of my Unbreakable Business System into action every single day.

5:09 PM: Pete welcomed Peng Joon live from Malaysia to uncover one campaign you can implement to boost your business almost immediately.

Peng revealed the One Sales Process to Rule Them All:

  • Dig into data to uncover how much a customer is worth every time they go through a funnel.
  • Determine how much it costs to acquire a customer.
  • Follow the product examples and stages of a profit-boosting funnel. 

5:40 PM: Pete invited Anthony Morrison to the 10X HQ stage to teach attendees about the massive potential of webinars.

Anthony explains how everyone can benefit from webinars… any person in any industry who sells a product, service, or themselves.

We learned how webinars should flow in a chain of events — from live events to webinars to VSLs (Video Sales Letters). The value of webinars, he said, lies in providing a live experience from a distance and connecting with people. 

Next, Anthony described how to scale webinars using automated software that recreates a live environment. He also shared his go-to webinar formula — from the first ads all the way up to the last step for creating a machine.

Anthony then incorporated all 5 pillars of the Unbreakable Business System into his framework for successful webinars.

6:21 PM: Pete introduced Eric Worre to Unbreakable Revenue Day to teach participants about creating a community of raving fans through confidence.

Eric explained the importance of confidence both in business and in life. Insights from his session include:

  • Step one is pretending you have confidence. If you act confident, people will lean towards you more in business.
  • Pick the most confident person you know and try to carry yourself as that person carries themselves.
  • Study and model other people’s behavior, attitude, and the way they show up.
  • Be willing to do it “messy” instead of waiting for perfection. Put yourself in potentially humiliating situations — and roll with it.

6:46 PM: Pete welcomed Dan Henry to the stage to show attendees how to sell more in their business.

After sharing his personal story of growth in sales, Dan revealed three golden rules in sales: 

  • Never pitch your product. Let your customer pitch it.
  • Never listen to what the customer says. Validate, dig, and address what they think.
  • Never tell the customer anything. Show them. 

Finally, Dan broke down the steps for “Auto Money Bots” as a high-level sales tactic:

  • Step 1: Create customer-only content.
  • Step 2: Nurture and qualify using a chatbot instead of a setter.
  • Step 3: Ping a salesperson. Close over voice or schedule a call.

7:35 PM: Pete Vargas congratulated Savanah U. as the winner of the all-expenses paid trip to 10X Growth Conference 2023 in Las Vegas.

Then, to close Unbreakable Revenue Day, Pete applauded the entire audience for their commitment to success.

Overall, the day included almost 7 hours of different ways to build multiple streams of revenue. 

The more streams you have, the more Unbreakable your business becomes.

So no matter what happens in the financial markets or the economy, your profits have the potential to be protected. 

Be Great, 

Grant Cardone

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