Classic “A” types are successful because they colored outside the lines.

Why do pilots use checklists? To make sure they don’t forget anything that can kill them! Why do people create margins of error? To reduce the danger in any situation!

Why do we create a margin of error above and beyond the minimum that the California Board of Equalization requires you to meet to support a claim for an exemption from the transaction tax?

We know that many of our clients are classic “A” types. They are successful because they color outside the lines and do things their own way. They seldom play by the rules that others are attempting to control them with. Additionally, many of them are pilots, which means they are constantly pushing the envelope. Therefore, if the state demands a 50% compliance rate for a particular exemption we contract with our clients for them to meet a 60% minimum usage factor.

If you are the type of guy who likes to live life on the edge and you attempt to support a claim with 51% usage, you are playing Russian roulette with an automatic weapon. You can only hope and pray that the auditor who reviews your tax return is in a generous mood that day. She/He knows that they only have to disagree with one or two of your flights to make your purchase subject to tax.

Why risk it?

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